Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Slice of Life: A Museum Visit

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I've had a delightful houseguest for the past two weeks.  My niece, Kara, has been visiting.  She's enjoyed time to rest, study, read, hike, and visit.  But one thing we haven't done much of is play the tourist.  She's been here several times before and I kept asking her if there was anything she wanted to do in Seattle.   On Thursday we headed out for a visit to Pike Place Market (always on the agenda) and then we went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum (a first-time visit for Kara).  
I took many pictures at the Chihuly Museum and decided that I would rank them in order of my favorite parts of the museum.  This has proven to be much harder than I expected.  It was my fourth visit to the museum.   I love every part of this museum, so even a ranking of last place is a section that I love.  When I explored the museum site, I discovered an audio tour.  Each section of the museum that I've highlighted is linked to a short audio presentation. 

 When you look closely, you can see all kinds of sea life tucked in among the water of the sculpture.

For many the wall of blankets at the end of this room is the focal point, but I love the glass sculptures that mimic the shapes of baskets sitting in the center of the room.  I like the way
the light fills  and surrounds this display.  
Chihuly explains that this installation was inspired
by his mother's garden.  I love to walk slowly around the room and peer at the different sections of this
 beautiful garden-like arrangement of glass.

I've visited during the day and at night, 
during the summer and the winter.
The garden never fails to delight my senses and my soul! 

 The pic below shows my niece and the Space Needle
reflected in one of the glass balls in the garden. 

3.  Glass House
Chihuly created this glass house in appreciation of his
fascination with conservatories.  I will never forget the
winter evening spent here listening to Ted Kooser share poetry! 
(And yes, that is the base of the Space Needle.)

These canoes filled with glass make my heart happy!

I never tire of standing and snapping photos of this
ceiling.  This time I especially loved the corner shadows.
I hope you've enjoyed strolling through this favorite museum with my niece Kara and me.  Maybe I'll make it to Tacoma this summer so I can share a visit to the Museum of Glass and take you
along on a walking tour of Chihuly's
public art installations in downtown Tacoma.  


  1. Wow. The pics are awesome so I can imagine that the real experience is breath taking.

  2. This is a place I must visit! I love Chihuly's glass work! Perhaps next year I may be there. My brother-in-law is building a home in Cle Elum.

  3. I love his work - thanks for those glorious pictures, Ramona.

  4. Ramona, these are gorgeous pictures! I love museums, and you have brought another one to me. Thank you! (Jennifer Sniadecki)

  5. Thanks for the tour... beautiful. Our Children's Museum in Indianapolis has a multi- story installation of Fireworks in Glass. To see a whole museum of the sculptures ... wow.

  6. I saw his work in Phoenix and want to visit in the Seattle area.

  7. Next time I come visit you, Ramona, we'll have to go there. :) I especiallyl love the pic of Kara-space needle-garden ball! That's awesome! xo