Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Slice of Life: Walking, Pip, and Walking Sticks!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Betsy, Beth, Kathleen, Deb, Lisa, Melanie, and Lanny
 for hosting this meeting place each Tuesday and nurturing our writing lives.

I've been in search of a slice all day.  I read some posts this morning in search of inspiration.  I went to a doctor appointment and a dentist appointment.  Not much excitement there.  I stopped by the grocery store and then a friend called to ask if I wanted to walk in the woods.  

It was the perfect day for a walk - sunny and low 70s.  Jan brought along her walking sticks for me to try out (recent recommendation from my physical therapist).  I've been trying to rebuild my stamina for walking by increasing my steps by 1,000 each week.  This week, I'm up to 7,000 steps a day.  I'm especially grateful to friends who are walking with me because it's a rather slow process.  Thinking about friends walking with me made me think of Pip and Miss Havisham from Great Expectations.  We listened to the book on one of our summer trips to Colorado more than twenty years ago. The phrase, "Walk me, Pip," is lodged in our family lore.  So there you have it, my afternoon ruminations on a walk in the woods, Pip, and walking sticks.  I actually took some pics on our walk, but will save them for Saturday's weekly celebration.  Let me know if you have experienced using walking sticks and share your recommendations in the comments. 


  1. We had the same beautiful weather today. But my "walk" was in mowing grass!

    Fun to think of "Walk me, Pip" becoming a family saying.

  2. I have never used a walking stick. Not sure I could manage that and my crazy dog too!

  3. It sounds like a lovely day and I too searched for a slice but made it just before midnight. Great job keeping up with your walking goal.

  4. I use one when hiking, Ramona - just for balance. Love the fact that Pip is part of your family lore!