Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Slice of Life: Last Book Club Meeting in June!

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If it's Tuesday afternoon, then it's time for a weekly ritual.  I meet with other book lovers at the middle school for Books, Brownies, and Beyond, our after school book club.  This past week was our last meeting of the school year.  We gathered in a circle with Ms. Bowman to talk about ways that we find our next great read.  Then we visited the free books table (compliments of our local indie bookstore who shares their ARCs with us).  

Finally I shared my red basket of book reviews, clipped from the pages of Kids' Next, the indie bound newsletter specifically for kids.  When interest was slow for making a list of book possibilities for summer reading, I attached a cookie bar to the end of the list:  "List five books you might like to read this summer and show it to me to get a cookie bar."  

This last pic is special because these gals are our graduating 8th graders.  Katie and Elsa have belonged to our book club since its beginning three years ago.  They have lingered each week after the meeting to help clean up and assist me in toting boxes of books and supplies back to my car.  They were feeling a bit bittersweet about their last book club meeting, but managed these beautiful smiles for our pic. And we've decided that we'll meet occasionally to talk books even after they head to high school.   

Our book club meets twice during the summer at the public library. on July 11 and August 22.   Those meetings include our incoming sixth graders and of course, our outgoing eighth graders.  There's nothing better than a summer afternoon and a book you can't wait to read!  And after that an opportunity to meet with other book lovers to share recent discoveries and of course, some cookie bars.  


  1. Lovely - what a great opportunity for these kids. I would love to know some of the books you have read this last year with this group. Have you kept track over the years?

  2. "There's nothing better than a summer afternoon and a book you can't wait to read!" - so true!

  3. You can see the joy on their faces! What a fabulous ritual.

  4. Book clubs are the best!

  5. What GREAT book club you've sustained! I love how you plan for beginnings with the incoming sixth graders and endings with the transitioning high schoolers. I am curious about how this meeting focused on choosing books (and celebration) instead of on talking about a common title. How fun!

  6. Well done, Ramona. They, and you, look so happy! You've started a tradition that will be remembered by those who move on. It's super that you continue to give your time for the love of reading and the love of students.

  7. Bravo, Ramona - as Linda said, that picture of all of you tells us the story of what a wonderful experience book club has been!

  8. How enjoyable this sounds and you all show that sentiment in your pictures. I love the consistency and time you've spent with this middle schoolers. That is a gift.