Saturday, July 29, 2017

Celebrate This Week!

Join us each weekend for Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres.

When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build. 

   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

Jack has reached a milestone.  He sits up all by himself!
Teddy and his mom are still enjoying summer in Utah.
I love these pics of him in a little red wagon.   

My tomatoes are ripening!  This week I'll have my first taste.  

I finished an absolutely delightful adult read.  News of the World by Paulette Giles is short (just over 200 pages), beautifully written,    and was a finalist for the National Book Award.  Perhaps some of my fascination with the title is because I know Texas.  I loved the map that allowed me to trace Johanna and Captain Kidd's journey

Gorgeous hydrangeas and hanging baskets fill me with joy.
So I pause to snap pictures that I can revisit later.  

We had a gray, misty morning.  I've missed those lately!  

I love this opportunity to pause and find the joyful moments.
Thank you, Ruth, for this community of friends
and the opportunity to celebrate each week.   


  1. Joy and beauty. I am happy for you!

  2. Sweet baby milestone. Ah, the memories of little red wagons. And hydrangeas- a favorite from my grandma's yard so long ago.

  3. We have a gray morning this am, too, Ramona. I'm waiting for the rain they say we may have! Love those pictures, especially of Jack. He is growing up already! And I've already told you how much I love the hydrangeas; they look fabulous!

  4. Our lives are truly made more magical with the existence of little people, lol!

  5. I love fresh ripe tomatoes! Enjoy your first tastes this week!

  6. Jack and Teddy are cute. The flowers look wonderful. Enjoy the tomatoes. Ours are coming along and should be ready soon.

  7. Ramona, Jack and Teddy are certainly growing up fast. Last week I packed Sierra's NB clothes. It was a sad moment because I know that time is moving on. Now, I have only photos to keep me in the know of what she is doing until I see her for our beach holiday at Cape May. I decided to save the purple hydrangea for my summer gallery.