Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Slice of Life: Infinity Mirrors Exhibit at Seattle Art Museum

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We arrived 30 minutes before our ticketed time.  Imagine our surprise when the line extended for an entire city block!  As we neared the end of that block, we realized that this line was for people hoping to get "day of" tickets to the exhibit.  In fact, there was a much shorter line queuing up for the 10:15 admission.  My husband knew this would be a popular exhibit, so he procured our tickets on the first day they became available to museum members.  I'm glad that he was prompt to purchase them.  There were six in our group + Jack, our almost six-month old grandson.

The exhibit, Infinity Mirrorsfeatures the work of Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama.  Her work was featured in a solo exhibition in Seattle at the Zoe Dusanne gallery in 1957.  The current exhibit is playful, colorful, and thought provoking.  Future stops for the exhibit include  The Broad in Los Angeles (October 2017–January 2018), the Art Gallery of Ontario (March–May 2018), the Cleveland Museum of Art (July–September 2018), and the High Museum of Art (November 2018-February 2019).

It was the perfect introduction for Jack to the world of art.  I couldn't help but reflect on a memorable visit to an art exhibit in 1988 when Blake and Sara were not quite two and four.  We drove from Houston to Dallas to see a centennial exhibition of Georgia O'Keefe's work at the Dallas Museum of Art.  It's an almost five hour drive, and we went there and back on the same day.  Watching the awestruck faces of our young children made the long car trip worthwhile and is a memory I still treasure.  

So with no further ado, join us on a brief stroll through our pictures from the Infinity Mirrors exhibit.  
 Jack and his mom framed in the sun
 Love the colors on this sculpture
 Who can resist smiling with color like this?
 A recreation of Kusama's original 
1965 Infinity Mirror Room-Phalli's Field
 My favorite Infinity Mirror - 
Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity 
features lights that dim and illuminate again.
 Jack and Grandma hang out
in the Dots Obsession -
Love Transformed into Dots room.
Our friend Ryan peers into the 
Infinity Mirrored Room - Love Forever
to snap a pic of Jack and his mom
at another window.
The Obliteration Room, originally 
created in 2002, where participants
are given dots to transform a white room
and its furnishings.  Jack and parents loved it.
These paintings and sculptures are 
featured at the beginning of the exhibit
and they can be revisited as you finish the exhibit.  
The 87-year old artist continues to work in her Tokyo
studio.  This series, My Eternal Soul (2009-present),
is making its North American debut and is my
personal favorite from the exhibition.  


  1. What an interesting exhibit! I wish it was coming to Chicago. Kudos for introducing your grandson to art! We took our son when he was a bit older than Jack to the Art Institute in Chicago. He made some interesting comments - about Picasso's blue painting "The Old Guitarist" he said (loudly), "Guitar! Underwater." And he grew up to be an artist!

  2. Romana, this is such an intriguing art exhibit! Kudos to your husband for pre-purchasing the tickets! As always, your grandson is adorable and growing up too fast! I can tell he enjoyed the exhibit and the time with his family.

  3. Fantastic photos - so intriguing. I enjoyed this post and the celebration of art.

  4. This is marvelous, will share with my daughter! I love each one, and the way it works. Artists' ideas amaze me. (Glad your husband got those tickets!)

  5. Ramona, I am reading your slice and showing my granddaughter's other grandma the pictures of Jack. He is always smiling and growing at such a fast rate, it seems. I applaud you for taking him to an art musuem-that's a brave feat. We strolled Sierra into the town museum today. It was one room museum so we were sure that she would be fine. As you said, I am loving grandmotherhood.

  6. I have never heard of this artist, but I love her work. I even had to go back to see if this exhibit was coming to Denver. It's not! Darn it! I love the element of playfulness with color and shape and pattern.

    And there is nothing better than a day with grandbabies!