Friday, July 14, 2017

Poetry Friday

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When our good friends, the Grahams (part of our chosen family), come to visit, we eat our way through Pike Place Market.  This poem captures a few favorites from members of our family both present and absent with a nod to Macaroni and Cheese Day and a link to a recipe.   

A Family Stroll through Pike Place Market

Hum bow at Mee Sum, Blake’s best treat
Macarons at the Le Panier, Lauren’s love
Piroshkys because Walt wants them & is willing to wait
A stop by Three Sisters Bakery for cookies for all
and sourdough bread for Lance
Peaches and cherries and green beans for later
And the final stop?
For Beecher’s mac & cheese, Sara’s favorite,
Heaven in a cardboard container!

-Ramona Behnke


  1. I LOVE this! The mini donuts are the only thing missing, and the crepe place...and...and...and. A single poem cannot contain th bounty of the market, but I love this one for highlighting favorites!

  2. Fantastic! I just visited Pike Place Market for the first time a couple of weeks ago....I love it!

  3. Terrific - love how personalities shine through each person's favorites. :0)

  4. Pike Place Market sounds like a place I want to visit!

  5. Yum! I would love to visit and taste one day.

  6. This sounds like a yummy place to visit! I want to take your poem along and stop off at all of these different places!

  7. Ramona, what a yummy walk down memory lane.