Friday, July 7, 2017

Poetry Friday: Haiku Projects

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When I completed my month long alphabetic stroll for National Poetry Month in April, there were things that I left out that I knew I would want to revisit.  In mid-June I shared the book, Cool Melons Turn to Frogs about the life and poetry of Issa.  And this week I want to share a favorite poetry how-to book about haiku.  April was an expensive month for me since I kept thinking about poetry books that I wanted to own.  One of the books I purchased was Haiku:  Asian Arts & Crafts for Creative Kids.  This is a book that I checked out of the library each year to use with my sixth graders.  I taught them the seven keys to writing haiku and one of the students suggested that we make a mini-book with one of the keys listed on each page.  It was perfect and provided a ready resource for the students to reference as they wrote their own haiku.  I highly recommend this book if you're a novice to this writing form or if you'd just like to refresh your understanding.  

The book has a variety of projects that include writing your first haiku, a favorite season haiku, haiku with stories (haibun), haiku with drawings (haiga), and grouplike haiku with friends (renga).  
I see this as a perfect book to use with students or to give to a poetry loving child who also loves making things.  I like these words from the preface:  "Haiku may help us all to slow down, relax, and stop and see what is around us, so that we can appreciate our world and everyday life more."  And that's a perfect recipe for any day of the year.


  1. I have this, too, Ramona. You're right, it is a perfect book for the classroom! Time to write a few haiku for Teddy and Jack!

  2. It is a perfect recipe for writing for sure! Thanks for introducing me to this book, Ramona!

  3. Ramona, the short video was a great incentive to try to make a mini-book and then, share it with others. I love DIY crafts. I think I would love to find this book that you shared. Thanks so much.

  4. I need to remember to slow down and haiku my life once the school year revs up again!