Friday, February 9, 2018

Poetry Friday: Moon Verse

Head over to Sally Murphy's blog,
for this week's round-up of poetic goodness. 
She's sharing terse verse from her dentist list. 
Thanks, Sally, for hosting this week!

When I wrote my Spiritual Journey First Thursday post, I got all wrapped up in moon shine. This week The Man in the Moon As He Sails the Sky and Other Moon Verse, a book I requested from the library arrived. Our system only had one copy of this book, published in 1979, in its Central Storage location. It's a sweet collection of twenty-one moon poems, collected and illustrated by Ann Schweninger. I'll share the first and the last poem in the book along with Ann's delightful illustrations.

The Man in the Moon as he sails the sky
Is a very remarkable skipper,
But he made a mistake when he tried to take 
A drink of milk from the Dipper

He dipped right out of the Milky Way
And slowly and carefully filled it;
The Big Bear growled, and the Little Bear howled
And frightened him so that he spilled it!

I see the moon
  And the moon sees me;
God bless the moon
  And God bless me.
       - Mother Goose

When I googled Ann Schweninger, I recognized many of the books that she has illustrated, especially the Oliver and Amanda Pig books. This book of moon verse is one that I want to own and share with my grandsons.


  1. Those are sweet. How precious to be able to share with your grandsons. The art is delightful. Very old-fashioned.

  2. Ramona, count me to read these poems to Sierra. I can't wait to see her in a few days but first I would like to feel so much better. Sinusitis is not a friendly illness but of course which illness is! Poetry reading at PF is going to make me feel better with my tea in hand.

  3. What a star-studded cast in that first poem! Very cleverly done.

    (Your blog isn't liking my wordpress comment today. Either that, or you've got three of them hidden away in your spam folder. :P)

  4. A collection of moon poems? It sounds heavenly.

  5. You can find this book on Amazon, and it looks wonderful. I have many moon books and this is still another new one. Wow! Thanks, Ramona. Trading book titles back & forth is evidently what we do!

  6. I remember reciting these poems with my children years ago, Ramona - they were fascinated with the moon, as all children seem to be.

  7. As I was reading your post, I was thinking, "This definitely sounds like a fun grandbaby book." And then I get to your last line and discover that's exactly what you are thinking too! Great minds think alike! I love the illustrations in this one!

  8. Thanks for giving us a glimpse at this gorgeous book. Like you, I'd love to own it!

  9. This sounds like a great collection! Thanks for sharing it.