Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Slice of Life: Hooping it Up with the Huskies!

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After living in the Seattle area for twenty years, my husband decided this past year that we needed to go to a Husky football game and basketball game. I passed on the November football game by volunteering to watch Jack. However, basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch, so I joined the group for this past Saturday's game. My family warned me not to expect much from the Huskies who were playing 9th ranked Arizona. 

And were they ever wrong! I was thrilled to see that our seats were above the student section and the band since both of my kids played in the band in high school. "Animal Band" was the designation for the band at basketball games. Just hearing the band brought back so many memories of my kids' high school years. 

If you're wondering about the game, you can read all the details in this article from the Seattle Times, "Washington stuns No. 9 Arizona 78-75 with Dominic Green's buzzer beater." My husband certainly knows how to pick an exciting game!


  1. Your post made me smile on so many fronts! I fondly remember college basketball, football, and lacrosse games that we attended as a family! One time we traveled to Philadelphia on Memorial Day weekend for a lacrosse game and another time, we went to a Syracuse football game in Yankee stadium in DECEMBER! Then another time there was a Syracuse basketball game on a below zero snowy day when we risked life and limb to return home! However, some of my favorite memories are watching my son play college football on sunny afternoons!

  2. Sights and sounds kick the memory into overdrive. Sounds like a great game and a wonderful trip down a few memory lanes.

  3. I love high school and college basketball. I really miss the days when my son played!