Saturday, March 10, 2018

SOL 10/31 & Celebrate This Week

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
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When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build. 

   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

 We just finished a three day/four night stint with grandson Teddy while his parents relaxed in Hawaii.

 This week I'm celebrating my helpers and first on the list has to be  my husband, Lance. He has been the go-to outdoor man this week, taking our boy outside to play frequently. Teddy and Jack both adore their Grandpa. It's fun to see them light up when he walks into the room. He spent a lot of time on the floor this week! 
He was missed on the one night he was gone teaching at the university, but made it home in time to see Teddy just before tuck-in time.

The next big helper was daughter Sara. She took a day off work to play with Teddy and Grandma and Jack. We were blessed with a gorgeous blue sky day for our Tuesday at the park. 

My daughter-in-law Stefi provided much needed help in the form of a one page summary of Teddy's routines, likes, and dislikes. We found ourselves referring to it frequently. I loved her parting words:   
"Feel free to throw this out the window and do whatever you want! You're grandparents! Have fun! :)"

Wednesday was our busiest day with both boys at our house. We made it to story time at Island Books. 

Thursday was our rainiest day and perfect for meeting Jack and Aunt Sara at the aquarium. From the first big tank of fish with humans at work in scuba gear to the touch tide pools, to the felt board animal station, to the tiny salmon and the shore birds, the otters at play, and the seals dipping and diving in their pool - it was a total delight for everyone! My assigned duty was pushing the stroller filled with jackets and bags, but no boys since they were busy experiencing the wonder of this world of water.

Yesterday marked the return of Teddy's parents from Hawaii. They came in on a red eye and were remarkably energetic and engaged until nap time when both joined Teddy for some much needed sleep. My son, Blake, even managed to help me with some computer issues. 

And this morning it's off to the airport, but not before we have a quick breakfast and a few snuggles. I'm so grateful for the helpers who made this a week filled to the brim with joy and happy memories. 


  1. What a great week! So full of love. You are blessed.

  2. This post has JOY written all over it! What a fabulous week for each and every person in your family. Next week will sure seem quiet without Teddy around. Loved the final line of your daughter-in-law's note!

  3. OH - glad you had so much fun! It sounds like a great week and so nice to have helpers along the way! What a cute family!

  4. What a full week... so full of love and joy! Being a grandma is the best!

  5. Two boys = double fun. Fabulous time. Good to have helpers around.

  6. It is wonderful for the cousins to spend time together. They are so cute, Ramona. I'm glad it was a wonderful week of fun.

  7. Don't you love it when you get to spend time with the grandkids without their parents :) Looks like you all had a great time this week and made a lot of great memories.

  8. This post reminds me of the idea that we should always look to the helpers.

  9. You sound like a wonderful grandparent, and I am sure that their parents appreciated all of the love that you gave this week! Those are some lucky grandkids!

  10. What a lovely week of family time. :)

  11. Ramona, I missed this wonderful slice from last year so today I catch up with one of my favorite grandmas ever.