Friday, March 30, 2018

SOL 30/31 & Poetry Friday: Things That Delight My Heart!

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This post began on Monday when I was driving down the lane, thrilled with the flowering blossoms in a neighbor's yard. I was inspired to write a post about the things that delight me. Delight is my one little word for 2018. I try to post about my word at least quarterly. I just went back and read my first OLW post and realized that I haven't been writing letters as much as I had planned during this first quarter of the year. But I have been paying attention and so this alphabet poem is composed of things that delight my heart. 

Autumn, avocados, alliteration
Baking, blossoms on trees, babies, books, birds, blogging
Cookies, children, chocolate, cats, Christmas cards, church, comics
Daughter Sara, daffodils, daisies, ducks
Easter, essays, eagles
Family, fireplaces, friends, fireworks
Grandsons Teddy and Jack, giggles, grandfather clock, God's love
Hot chocolate, Halloween, homemade rolls, hymns 
Island Books, indie bookstores, inspiring quotes
Jesus, journeys, johnny jump ups
Kittens, kid lit (especially middle grade), kaleidoscopes
Lance (my husband), laughter, libraries, leaves, learning
Mountains, Mexican food, moon, movies,  muffins, museums
Naps, notecards, nature
Outlaws (our affectionate term for dil and sil) Stefi & Will
Poetry, pumpkin bread, picture books, photos
Quiet time, quilts
Reading, roses, rambling
Son Blake, sunsets, spring, sunshine, sleep, snowflakes
Thanksgiving, toddlers, tomatoes 
Undulating jellyfish
Valentines, videos of grandsons, vacations
Walking, winter's cozy warmth, writing, watching TV with Lance
eXuberance for life, xxx (kisses) 
Yellow umbrella moments 
ZZZZ snoozing (see N for naps and S for sleep)

I love this quote from Greg Boyle's book Tattoos on the Heart:  "If you are paying attention, then the day is going to be pretty joyful, and a lot of delight will fill it." 

What brings you delight and makes your day joyful?


  1. Your life is filled with delight! I am delighted that you shared your heart's delights.

  2. Oh, I love all of the delights you mentioned! I am recording the Greg Boyle quote! I love that book.

  3. Delightful life. Wonderful alphabet poem.

  4. What a delight-filled abecedarian poem. I love how you handled X and Z.

  5. What a great way to highlight all that you love. I see we have many of the same interests and preferences. Like you, I think a good nap is one of the best things in life. I'm also glad to see chocolate made the list.

  6. Love the poem! Makes me think what I would write in my ABC poem.

  7. Thanks for the reminder to pay attention--I like knowing what delights you!

  8. Your ABC poem is delightful to read! I love “undulating jellyfish” as it reminds me of the Monterey Aquarium... thank you for sparking that memory.

  9. So many delights here! I really like how you used your OLW to spark an abecedarian. I'm going to file away that idea! Thanks!

  10. Your poem is filled with delightful things! Enjoy them all!