Thursday, March 15, 2018

SOL 15/31: Read by Numbers!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
Thanks to Stacey, Betsy, Beth, Kathleen, Deb, Melanie, and Lanny
 for hosting this meeting place each day in March
and for nurturing our writing lives.

I glanced at the clock. It had only been 45 minutes since Jack's mom (and my daughter) had left for work. Yet we had already read 8 books. That's when I got the idea to track the books in my day.

8 books read by 9:30 am
 Jack's reading his newest Hello book from Highlights.

3 Easter board books read while standing at a Target display
(Sorry, I forgot to take a pic.)

3 books read before nap time 

1 book in progress during nap time 
The Optimist's Daughter 
(current book club read)

8 books read after nap time
Love and Hello Ocean Friends were gifts from Grandma!

1 book returned to the library unread 
I couldn't renew due to patron holds. I'll get back on that hold list.

9 books in my book bag ready for returning to the library
So much to love in this stack of books!

7 picture books picked up from holds shelf
If you blog about books, then you'll recognize some of 
your recommendations in this stack.

8 other titles on holds shelf 
This stack includes some possibilities for Friday's book club retreat when we select our titles for the upcoming year. Each person recommends 3 titles and then the voting begins.

1 "must share" paragraph read yesterday
in The Optimist's Daughter:
   "When Laurel was a child in this room and in this bed where she lay now, she closed her eyes like this and the rhythmic, nighttime sound of the two beloved reading voices came rising in turn up the stairs every night to reach her. She could hardly fall asleep, she tried to keep awake, for pleasure. She cared for her own books, but she cared more for theirs, which meant their voices. In the lateness of the night, their two voices reading to each other where she could hear them, never letting a silence divide or interrupt them, combined into one unceasing voice and wrapped her around as she listened, as still as if she were asleep. She was sent to sleep under a velvety cloak of words, richly patterned and stitched with gold, straight out of fairy tale, while they went reading on into her dreams."

Mathematically, my day of books adds up to 48 books and 1 delightful paragraph! 


  1. What a perfect paragraph for your book filled day! What a lucky boy Jack is to have such a rich reading life! I bought Time for Bed for my granddaughter last summer. I think I need to get Dinosaur Roar. She is obsessed with dinosaurs.

    1. Jack highly recommends this title. He always giggles on the last page. I love Baby Bear Sees Blue, a new favorite from the library.

  2. I agree with Elsie. This is the perfect paragraph. I'll have to check and see if my library has this book. It'll definitely go on my TBR list.

  3. What a great way to document the books you read and encounter throughout your day!

  4. Love this! Jack is so lucky to have a Grandma who reads to him! Our boy loves books so much! I’m glad he gets to hear you reading to him multiple times a week & multiple times a day!

  5. I love book slices. The more books the merrier. Thank you so much for making me smile with this slice.

  6. I love this idea of tallying books throughout the day. What a lucky guy Jack is!
    And I love your reserve piles!

  7. That is one lucky boy with a LOT Of books in his future.

  8. So of course, reader that I am, the first thing that I try to do is read all of the labels on the spines. I might be missing something! And what a gift you are giving to that grandbaby! I would love to be able to read to my sweet Esveidy!