Friday, March 9, 2018

SOL 9/31 & Poetry Friday: Overheard from the kitchen table

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
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Night four bedtime completed
of my son & wife's Hawaiian getaway.
Teddy is tucked in, 
Grandpa's watching PBS NewsHour,
and I'm sitting at the kitchen table
commenting on a few slices
before I will fall exhausted into bed.
Suddenly a powerful voice 
speaks to my poet's heart.
It's an unforgettable
by Elizabeth Acevedo.
PBS introduces the video segment:  
"This poet wants brown girls to know
they're worthy of being
the hero and the author."
Be sure to click on the link 
for this 3 minute, 19 second reading 
by award-winning poet, Elizabeth Acevedo.
You'll be reminded of the power of words 
to change the world 
and why we need poets 
" carry the torch of saying,
our stories are just as important
as any other stories."
So grateful I heard this
brief but spectacular voice.


  1. I love this. Poetry helps us tell our stories. And I believe that everyone has a story worth reading.

  2. These lines resonate with me:

    "Suddenly a powerful voice
    speaks to my poet's heart."

    I'll be pondering those lines today, I suspect.

  3. Thanks for the powerful start to my day

  4. Reading this as I dash out the door to work. Will definitely come back and check out this link. Sounds like one I need to know!

  5. I'm so glad you shared, and hope many more of us know that all stories are important. As I listened, then read the script, I was reminded of Dorothea Lange and her 'Migrant Mother' photo, telling that woman's story in a photo. Thanks for this, Ramona. Hope you're having a wonderful "Teddy time"!

  6. Thank you for your poem-- and for the link to an incredible artist and her work.

  7. Wonderful that you listened to the voice that spoke to your poet's heart and wrote your slice poem.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm heading out to watch now.

  9. You are one incredible poem/poet finder. What a gem! Interesting how you were dead tired, the voice of the poem gave you energy.

  10. Such a strong rendition. Powerful, empowering words. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love that NewsHour series! I learn so much in those brief episodes about people's passions. And I missed this one by Elizabeth Acevedo, so thanks for sharing it, Ramona!

  12. Thank you, Ramona, for the link to Elizabeth Acevedo's video. I have been meaning to find out more about her since the NCTE Convention. Enjoy your Grandma time with Teddy.

  13. Thanks for sharing. That was all kinds of powerful.