Sunday, March 11, 2018

SOL 11/31: Wait right there for Grandma!

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If you've read my blog recently, then you know that writing about my journey as a grandmother to two grand boys is a favorite topic. This past week, I watched my grandson from Virginia while his parents enjoyed a quick getaway to Hawaii. 

One of the most challenging parts of bedtime is remembering all the stuff you need to take upstairs. We had collected Teddy's blue blanket, his buddy Pup Pup, and his water bottle. We had grabbed a couple of books to read. We had changed his diaper. And then I remembered that his pajamas were somewhere downstairs since I had laundered them earlier in the day.

So I set my 20 month old grandson down on the second step of the stairs and said, "Wait right there for Grandma."  I dashed back into the family room looking frantically for the pajamas while images of all the things that could happen swirled in my head. What was I thinking?

He might climb up the stairs (which he does, but only with Grandma right behind him) and fall down them.

He might open the front door and go outside. I just realized today that he can unlock doors. 

He might step down the two steps into the living room, climb into a chair and accidentally knock the oriental lamp to the floor while trying to turn it on.

After a thirty second survey of the family room and kitchen, I spied the pajamas on the center island, grabbed them and dashed back to the stairs, calling out the same words I'd said as I'd left him there, "Wait right there for Grandma."

And you know what? That's exactly what he was doing! Waiting for Grandma and reading a book. Whew! I think I got lucky that time.  
Teddy reads Little Blue Truck Leads the Way
while he waits right there for Grandma! 

I still have a couple of stories to write from Teddy's visit. Watch for the "Uh Oh!" story coming soon in a slice of life. 


  1. I guess you did get lucky, but then again, I think he has learned he can trust you, so he really did know you’d be right back and so he did what you asked. And he has learned to enjoy books, so he can easily keep himself busy for a few minutes. He is learning so many important things so early! Because of so much love! Yes, lucky Grandma and lucky boy, too.

  2. Wow. I was with you Ramona as you raced around the room but what a great surprise you had/ we had. LOVE THAT!!!!

  3. How did I miss this post earlier? Of course that sweetheart would wait for grandma. Such a cute photo! Can't wait to read more Teddy stories.