Thursday, March 8, 2018

SOL 8/31: An Author Visit!

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I mentioned in my Celebrate This Week post on Saturday that I would post about an author visit I attended last week at our indie bookstore, Island Books. However, it was LeAnn's post at Elsie Tries Writing today about an author visit with Emily Brubaker Bradley that reminded me to write this post.

My author visit was with Robin Oliveira, author of My Name is Mary Sutter, which our book club read in 2012. She seems to be on the same four year writing schedule as Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. My Name is Mary Sutter was published in 2010, followed by I Always Loved You in 2014, and now her latest Winter Sisters, just out in February 2018. 
She shared that the working title for My Name is Mary Sutter was The Last Beautiful Day. When an audience member asked about the working title for Winter Sisters, she declined sharing it because it would be a spoiler for the book. I had her autograph my daughter's copy of My Name is Mary Sutter and my copy of Winter Sisters
If you haven't seen the cover of Winter Sisters, stop now and look it up. If you're not captivated by the cover (as I am), then this review by Kimberly McCreight might compel you to read the book: “Equal parts exquisitely detailed historical drama and riveting literary thriller, Winter Sisters deftly explores the brutal costs of child exploitation, while elegantly demonstrating the healing power of true compassion and profound sisterly devotion.” 

It was a delightful evening and intriguing to hear the author speak of the process she uses for researching and writing her books. Stay tuned for her next title which may have some connection with her upcoming trip to Ireland!


  1. Definitely on my "To Read Next" list! Thanks for bringing this author to my attention!

  2. And another post I missed! I've just requested Winter Sisters, but I am #9 for two copies. Isn't listening to an author just the best?