Friday, June 1, 2018

Poetry Friday: Laughter Eases the Traffic

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week's round-up of poetic goodness.
Buffy kicks off our Friday fun with
 a delightful spiral poem celebrating
helicopters (of the maple variety).
Thanks, Buffy, for hosting our gathering.

I spend several days a week with my sixteen month old grandson, Jack, who loves to laugh. Today he laughed while we sat in traffic and kept me amused as it took us an hour to reach his home (generally a 30 minute drive). I wonder what provoked his laughter. Perhaps it was the huge flatbed truck we passed that was stacked with giant tires. He does love trucks and wheels. I adore the laughter of children and love to tell Jack that he makes Grandma happy. 

The poem I'm sharing today "The Laughing Child" by W. S. Merwin is one I saved when I read it earlier this year on Teach This Poem.


  1. It's fun to hear about your Jack laughing as I read this wonderful Merwin poem, like a "spurt" of laughter itself, isn't it? Thanks, Ramona! Happy Weekend!

  2. There's nothing like the laughter of a little one. Thanks for sharing Jack and the Merwin poem.

  3. Laughter is wonderful–glad it carried you through your drive together. I like the last line of W.S. Merwin's poem "I wake again into the laughing child," thanks for sharing all Ramona.

  4. The sound of children laughing is one of the best. I'm enjoying the laughter of my new little sis from Big Brothers Big Sisters.