Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SOL 2018: A Tale of Books Lost and Found!

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Please do not judge me harshly, dear reader! I promise that I am usually much more reliable with my books.

My tale begins on Saturday afternoon. After a busy morning, I'm finally ready to spend some time reading. Except, I can't find my book. I clearly remember taking it out of my bag before heading off to run errands (knowing I wouldn't have any time to read then). I thought I had laid it on the kitchen table. It's not there. I search low, I search high, I search downstairs and upstairs, but my current "fun" read is nowhere to be found. It's not like I don't have other books I can turn to, but I really wanted to read this book. 

Fast forward to Saturday evening. I'm preparing a talk about fathers for church on Sunday. I recently checked out and read Enduring Ties: Poems of Family Relationships, but I want to pull another title of family poems off the shelf for reference. When I go to my poetry shelves, right there on top of the shelf is the book I was looking for most of the day. I must have come to this shelf to look for the poetry book (with aforementioned fun title in hand) before I headed off to run errands. First lost book located! And I have time to read a bit before bed.
What's not to love about a book that has the word library in the title, is set in Ireland, and has a main character who drives a mobile library van?

It's Monday evening and I'm rounding up books that are due on Tuesday. One of the titles I can't find is Enduring Ties which I used on Sunday morning when I was pulling together all my thoughts for the talk I would give in Sunday services. I look high, I look low, I look upstairs, I look downstairs. It is nowhere to be found! How is it possible that I've misplaced another book so soon? Finally as I'm heading to bed, I start putting away some clothes and underneath a skirt (that I rejected on Sunday), lo and behold, I find both books of poetry - the one that is due tomorrow (second book located) and the one that I own. 

I head downstairs to put the library book in my book bag and to return the other book to the poetry bookshelf. As I juggle titles around to fit it into a stack of books that is placed horizontally (spines not facing out) on the shelf, I am astounded to discover a lost library book that I paid for a couple of years ago (third book found). So my current dilemma is - do I return the book? (they won't refund the cost after a year) or do I just keep it in my own collection? I'm thinking I'll keep it. It's a good one!

Now if I could just locate the anthology of stories, Between Mothers and Sons, that I've misplaced I would truly be jubilant! 


  1. Oh so funny! I have done that - there are days I roam from room to room looking for the books I think I have and now I sit scrolling through my kindle reader often to find I don't own the book I checked it out from the library and it has now magically gone back. Good Luck on finding that last book.

  2. I can absolutely relate to this post! We are always losing library books! Last summer we also found a missing one from three years ago (that we had paid for). We still returned it!

  3. How annoying to know that book is here, but yet not visible. I had to laugh as the books were lost then found. I have done this many times too. Will miss you the next few days.

  4. Who hasn't misplaced a book at some time. It is so easy to get caught up in other things that we put something down but later don't remember where we put it. Glad the book turned up.

  5. This made me laugh! I feel like you visited my life and wrote about it! Last week I spent several days looking for a book I had borrowed from my mom, finally found it in my Spanish homework bag. And then this morning, I had to look for 180 Days! Sometimes I drive myself crazy!

  6. I don't think it was you. The books simply wanted a little adventure. :)

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  8. I love your SOL post this week. I too have wrestled with the problem of missing library books that I have read/not read and that are due back at their home base. SOMETIMES, I want to keep a book so I can reread it....just like you..