Friday, June 8, 2018

Poetry Friday: "From a Country Overlooked"

 has this week's round-up of poetic goodness. 
Inspired by all things summer-esque,
she gifted us with a wonderful "Summer Song."

I almost included this poem in my Spiritual Journey First Thursday summer post yesterday. However, by the time I included my musings and pics, the post was long enough. So I saved the poem for today. And I was delighted to find it in the Writer's Almanac archives. Here's a taste of "From a Country Overlooked" by Tom Hennen. Click on the poem's title to read the entire poem.

"There are no creatures you cannot love.
A frog calling at God 
From the moon-filled ditch
As you stand on the country road in the June night.
The sound is enough to make the stars weep
With happiness."


  1. I think you might call this "true things", Ramona. It is beautiful, makes me want to drive into the country, stop & listen, look up, too. Thanks!

  2. Ramona, isn't it amazing how sometimes our thoughts are overflowing? I also found that I had more than enough for my SJ1stT blog post that it warranted a two day spread. In the poem that you share today, these lines resonate with me:
    You are at home in these
    great empty places
    Within the great universe, it is true that there are so many beautiful animals and sounds to be enthralled with.

  3. So much truth here. In spite of my poem about the wind, I still feel this about my home country:
    "The space between the prairie horizons
    Makes us ache with its beauty."

  4. "There are no creatures you cannot love." That's truth right there. This poem is filled with so many rich descriptions of the countryside and all of nature's gifts. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hmmmm..I dunno...I'm still struggling to love summer cockroaches and giant hornets! ;-)

    But yes, there is something so incredibly inspiring about exploring nature's bounty all around us - we take our world for granted so easily, when really every living thing is an unbelievably powerful miracle.

  6. I feel that if we all could live in the spaces this poem reminds us of, all would be well!

  7. Such a beautiful psalm of thankfulness. I want to print this one out and save it.

  8. Thanks for this oozing rich nature poem, I love getting lost in what he's written!

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