Thursday, June 7, 2018

SJFT: Summer!

Welcome to Spiritual Journey First Thursday, a group of friends
who blog monthly about our spiritual journeys. 
Margaret Simon, our host at Reflections on the Teche
 has chosen summer as our theme for the month.

Selected lines from your summer posts that resonated with me:

"slowed-down sun-kissed feeling"
"lost in a good book"
"juicy-sweet June days"
"a time of quiet and rest"
"everything . . . awake . . . and flourishing"
"fill my summer to the brim"

Summer is celebrations - my birthday, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Summer Celebration, Mostly Music in the Park, our anniversary, and Shakespeare in the Park
(King Lear & The Merry Wives of Windsor).

Summer is slow time for reading on the deck and making homemade ice cream, for outings with friends and family
and trips to farmer's markets for luscious summer produce, 
for long walks in the woods and
a family camping trip.

How can something so filled with activity also be a slow time?
It's the focus of the activities with time to talk and listen to each other and time to be outside that slows us down and makes us appreciate the long days filled to the brim. Summer gifts us
with possibilities and time to be present for each other.  

"This is the day (or season) which the Lord

hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."
- Psalms 118:24

Even though my life is no longer governed by the school year, I feel a sense of joy as summer approaches and a desire to savor the slow days filled with goodness that make each day a treasure. I'm grateful for the constancy of the seasons and the joy that summer brings. 

Taking walks reminds me to rejoice in our world:


  1. Ramona, what you wrote, "How can something so filled with activity also be a slow time?', is a question that I pondered, too. Your answer was just right. Within the framework of a relaxed state of mind, activity with family and friends is sacred time to savor. May I capture your thought, "Taking walks reminds me to rejoice in our world" with the first photo for my spring gallery?

    1. Help yourself, Carol! Always happy to contribute.

  2. Your post makes me thankful to be alive, Ramona. I too am "...grateful for the constancy of the seasons and the joy that summer brings." Like you observe, though summer can be a busy time, it's a different kind of busy than the rest of the year. Enjoy!

  3. Here's to the perfect balance of activity and slow!

  4. Your birthday! Other birthdays!
    Walking, listening, being in Nature, so beautifully shared here
    in photographs & words.
    Summer IS special & I am glad you are savoring it.
    Happy camping!

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