Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Slice of Life: Acquiring a New Habit!

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It all started with a book! And I don't remember which one, but after finishing it, we went in search of a hat because someone in the book was wearing a hat. Jack has never really liked hats, but I want this to change because he's quite fair and needs protection from the sun. 

We rummaged around in the front closet until we found his winter hat. We put it on and he wore it for a bit.  Then we tried on his summer hat. It immediately came off. (It's one of those fabric bucket hats, defintely uncool.) I decided that he needed a baseball cap. 

So when my daughter and I went to the outlet mall for some pre-birthday fun (my birthday, not Jack's), a baseball cap was on the list. I purchased the last cap on the rack at Carter's. When we got home, I had Grandpa put on his baseball cap. And then we went to the mirror so we could admire Jack and Grandpa in their caps. And to everyone's surprise, Jack left his cap on while he played. 
We wore it to story hour last week. And here's a pic of Jack playing with Uncle John last week, sporting his baseball cap. 
I think, at least for now, Mister Jack has acquired a new habit. 


  1. Hats off to Jack! (or should I say "on"?) What a cutie. Enjoy summer, and welcome to the SOL community. I love your epigraph—Barry Lopez says it all!

  2. I hate anything on my head, summer or winter! Now, as an old lady, I'm thinking my skin would look a lot better if I had worn them! Glad he found a hat he liked! And he really could not be any cuter!

  3. Nice - a great way to make a change - through stories!

  4. Jack wants to be just like grandpa! Glad you found a hat that he will wear. Now you need to read the Klassen hat books and Hooray for Hats. Of course my favorite hat book was Caps for Sale.

  5. Ha! I recently got a new baseball hat that I am finding any excuse to wear. I don't usually wear hats, but I am particularly loving this one for some reason.

  6. Great opening sentence and a lovely story that follows.

  7. A fun story! Hope he will keep on wearing his hat this summer!

  8. What an adventure! It could be a little book of its own.

  9. Oh, I love how books inspire kids in different ways! This is such a sweet slice!

  10. Awww, Jack wears that cap well, that's for sure! So darn cute! xo