Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who are your rock stars? Slice 2013: 2 of 31

The March Slice of Life Challenge is sponsored by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. 

Friday evening my son-in-law and three friends arrived after a full day at Emerald City Comicon. Like any good house guests showing up hungry at 9 p.m. on a Friday night at a teacher's home, they had pizza boxes in hand and a movie for the evening.  I quizzed these young men, all in their mid-twenties, about the best part of their day.  Will showed me his ice cube mold for a model of the Death Star.  Eric excitedly told me about meeting a favorite comic book author who publishes almost exclusively online.  The author not only autographed his book, but also sketched a drawing to accompany the autograph.  I know nothing about this world of comic books, but seeing the autograph and sketch immediately transported me to a reading conference that I attended in the mid eighties.

We enjoyed presentations from several authors and illustrators, but the one by Steven Kellogg is forever preserved in my memory.  He told stories and sketched as he spoke.  We sat immersed in the world of story with this giant from the world of children's literature.  His sketches were given to attendees at the conference.  While I didn't get one of the sketches, I do have two books that he autographed for our family.  As you can see his autographs are much more than a mere signature.  I'll always treasure this drawing he sketched in Chicken Little for Sara's 3rd birthday.  Someday I'll even let her have the book! I attended this conference in order to update my teaching certificate since I wasn't teaching at the time.  The conference was a dream come true for this confirmed book lover.

This past January I found myself standing in the exhibit hall at the ALA Midwinter conference conversing with another attendee regarding some of the advance reader copies on display.  A quick glance at his name tag revealed that I was talking with Eric Kimmell!  These individuals from the world of children's literature are the real rock stars in my life.  How about it?  Who are your rock stars?


  1. One of many rock stars in this field of children's books is Lois Lowery who answers e-mails from them students. Debra Fraiser who encourages me to write over the years when I get to see her in person. The authors who give not only their wonderful writing but also there time to encourage others.
    The are amazing folks.

  2. I am always so inspired by these writers. I remember meeting Katherine Paterson at one of the Teacher's College Saturday Reunions - she was so generous with her time.

  3. I am in awe of so many rock stars of children's literature. I too, have a book signed by Steven Kellogg. I was lucky enough to attend several national IRA conferences, so I have a shelf of revered books that have been signed. I love that at this convention they publish a "Guide to the Stars" and it tells you who will be signing books at what booth.

  4. There are so many writers who are rock stars to me. Many of them have graciously agreed to Skype with my students, and it is a thrill for them as well. We have enjoyed visits from Gae Polisner (who treats me like a rock star), Sarah Darer Littman, Patricia McCormick, Tessa Gratton, and more.

  5. Very nice thing you have of your daughter's. I love " Someday I'll even let her have the book!" Too funny. There are many great authors out there. I think I would have Jane Yolen, because of her many talents, inside and out gorgeous!

  6. Bill Wallace of Upchuck and the Rotten Willie fame. Your children introduced me to Snot Stew years ago. Years later imagine how thrilled I was to read that same book as well as all the others with my own child. And it was even more exciting when we learned that the author was an Okie and he was coming to our neighborhood school. That signed copy of Snot Stew is a treasure in this family!