Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lovely sounds! SOL 2013: 16 of 31

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.  For the month of March we are challenging ourselves to write a slice every day. 

Our book club started fifteen years ago.  We've seen friends come and go (move away) and some come back again, always an event to celebrate!  Our group covers a wide range of ages from women in their twenties to their seventies.  I just returned from our yearly retreat which is basically a quick overnight excursion to visit, eat, walk on the beach, laugh, and select our books for the upcoming year.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner, had a lively discussion about the Agatha Christie mystery that we read for March, and then it was on to the intense work of the evening - selecting books for the upcoming year.  Each person is allowed to promote three books for next year's list.  After listening to each person share why we should read her selected book(s), we vote for our top six titles.  We've tried many different methods to vote for books (moving from our earlier system of placing M&Ms on selected books to the private ballot we now use).  If you're in a book club, I'm curious about the system you use to select books.

Here's a picture of this lovely group of friends, along with our youngest attendee, swaddled in white. 

My favorite sounds of the retreat - the gentle murmur and laughter of friends sharing their lives and the lap of ocean waves on two quick walks along the beach.  Both are sounds that feed my soul.

I have a video with the sound of the ocean waves, but can't get it to upload to Blogger.  Any tips?


  1. Wow what a great place to meet! And your book club sounds wonderful and so different from mine. There are just three of us. We usually meet once a month for breakfast and a cafe or diner, whatever works best. She talk about everything and a book. Often we are reading the same book, sometimes we aren't. We are wild about our reading selections... and casual about how we pick each book. All three of us have finally finished the latest Louise Erdrich novel, Roundhouse. Wonderful!

  2. The camaraderie and shared passions of a books club is something I sorely lucky for you that you have this marvelous group, Ramona!

  3. My book club is about as old as yours but much smaller and closer in age. There are 8 of us officially but one never comes and one just dropped out to cope w/ life for awhile...hoping she comes back soon. I already miss her. I dropped out for almost 10 years and they welcomed me back 2 years ago with open arms! We meet once a month at a restaurant and take turns picking out next month's book. Some of my favorites since rejoining: Molokai, The Christmas Jar, Unbroken, The Help, The Paris Wife, Cutting for Stone, The Hunger Games, One Perfect Word, and I'm looking forward to spring break starting so I can read this month's book: A Land Remembered. Good clubs!

    1. We've read several of your favorites, but I have Molakai on my TBR shelf. I've never heard of One Perfect Word or A Land Remembered. Always fun to hear from fellow book lovers.