Monday, March 18, 2013

It skipped a generation! SOL 2013: 18 of 31

For the month of March we are challenging ourselves to write a slice every day. 

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.  

This is Ella, my maternal grandmother.  She was a woman who sewed.  I have fond memories of her Singer treadle sewing machine.  She made quilts and dresses for herself and her four daughters.  My mother used to say that neighbors could bring a picture of a dress and my grandmother could create the pattern.


This is Lillian, my mother.  She was a woman who sewed.  She made my Easter dresses every year.  She also sewed bedspreads, curtains, and made wedding dresses for my oldest sister and me.  She was the fabric manager of a Ben Franklin store where she spent many years helping other women select fabric and create beautiful items for their homes. 

This is Ramona, that’s me.  I am not a woman who sews.  I made a pincushion in 4-H.  I made a jumper in Home Economics.  I once made a Chicken Little costume for my daughter for Halloween.  I started a quilt once that I plan to finish when I retire.  With a mother, two older sisters, and a best friend who sewed, I could always manage to get someone else to help me.  I am a woman who reads.

This is Sara, my daughter.  She is a woman who sews.  You see, the sewing gene skipped a generation.  When she began sewing  projects on her own as a young girl, I realized that she needed instruction from someone who sewed.  So one summer a dear friend taught sewing classes to several girls in our dining room.  Sara surprises me all the time with the projects she takes on.  This fall she picked up a quilting kit while she was completing a rotation in Oregon.  Over the holidays, she finished piecing the quilt top and began hand quilting it.  
Her grandmother and great grandmother would be so proud!  
She is also a woman who reads!


  1. I love this post - four generations of creative women, each in their own way. How marvelous that your Sara continues the family tradition. By the way - that is a stunning quilt!

  2. Oh Ramona.....I loved this. I could say the same thing. Your mother and grandmother could be mine...making their own patterns...adding their own styles...but that talent did a big skip on me...and I don't have a daughter...but my niece is sewing and making all sorts of creations. Go glad that gene was not lost in either of our families. I loved the pictures...they added a lot with your descriptions. Jackie

  3. I have recently discovered that I would love to learn to sew! I am hoping to take some classes this summer! Your daughter is an inspiration. Her quilt is adorable! I am also a woman who reads! :)

  4. Oh, how sweet. I love your story of generations. My mom taught my sister and me to sew. That skill is important.

  5. This is a wonderful piece. I love the structure of using pictures to go through time. I am also a's in my genes too :)

  6. My favorite "slice" so far. I must say I am a woman who now likes to read about women who sew!


    1. Did you recognize yourself as my best friend who sewed? :) Or perhaps more correctly, my best friend who mended? Remember those piles of mending that used to greet you when you came to visit?

  7. Loved this Ramona. I learned a little about Granny and her sewing abilities. I remember her most as a quilter. Your talents may not include sewing, but they encompass many different things. Besides, you're a wonderful sister, aunt, and great aunt.