Monday, March 25, 2013

Splendors of Spring! SOL 2013: 25 of 31

For the month of March we are challenging ourselves to write a slice every day. 

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.  

Yesterday was a glorious Seattle day.  We took our out-of-town friends from 30+ years ago to see the cherry trees on the quad at the University of Washington.   As we discussed the cherry trees, I decided that I needed to be sure my facts were straight about these particular trees. Our discussion made me realize that locals (15 years of residing in the NW qualifies me as a local) sometimes need to bone up on their facts for visiting friends.  These trees came to UW around 1939.  They were originally planted in a different location, but transplanted to their current location on the quad due to construction. Anticipating future problems, grafts were taken of the trees in 1959 and are being grown in a nursery in Mount Vernon, WA.  It's a splendid sight to see the trees in bloom on one of our rare sunny days in Seattle. 

This is a picture taken from inside my classroom today.  No wonder the students found it hard to focus on ancient Egypt and the process for selecting the Newbery Medal.  With beauty like this right outside the window, I am compelled to write another haiku.

Blue skies and sunshine

Cherry trees burst forth in bloom 

Week starts with gladness


  1. Oh it is so lovely. How nice of your friends to visit so you had an opportunity to learn something new.:) Looking at this scene makes me feel refreshed! Nicely captured in your Haiku.

  2. It looks so beautiful there. I can't wait to see the cherry trees bloom here, but I have a feeling we have a few more weeks to wait.

  3. We have some waiting before the blooms appear, but soon I hope. Beautiful pics and description of your special day, Ramona. And great to see the view from your classroom too! It does look like a gorgeous day!

  4. So spring has stopped to visit in your world, that's why she's missing in mine. Those trees are gorgeous! I long for the day our trees will be blooming. How lucky you had a sunny day in Seattle for your friends. :-)

  5. The quad is one of my favorite places. Next time you will have to look for Darth Vader (he is a Gothic on one of the buildings). Hooray for spring, sunny days, and beautiful trees!