Thursday, March 14, 2013

Something in My Pocket! SOL: 14 of 31

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.  For the month of March we are challenging ourselves to write a slice every day. 


Here's a tune I composed to celebrate a surprise gift (with apologies to my Brownie troop from many years ago).  It's to the tune of "The Brownie Smile."  Once you memorize these tunes, they're stuck in your mind forever. 


There's something in my pocket

It belongs in my classroom

I keep it very close at hand

For it warms my teacher's heart!

I'm sure you couldn't guess it 

If you guessed a long, long while

So I'll take it out and show you

It's two new black markers!

I think you'll need the backstory to completely appreciate this song.  On Tuesday I went in search of black markers, but to no avail.  None in the storage drawers in our teacher work room, none lying around the library (I considered petty thievery, though I would have left a colored marker in exchange), and none in my next door neighbor's classroom (I asked).  I resigned myself to another purchase from my own pocket the next time I went to Office Depot.  Sure, I have plenty of other colors, but I like basic black for most of the writing I do on the whiteboards.


On Wednesday, guess who appeared in my classroom waving two black dry erase markers?  Yes, my good friend and next door neighbor, Karen!  I don't know if she found them or bought them, but her appearance with markers in hand made my day.  I stuck one in each pocket and spent the rest of the day humming this old song from my Brownie days - "There's something in my pocket..." and composing lyrics to match today's surprise gift.  What fun to count this fellow teacher and next door neighbor as my good friend.   Such a small thing to warm my teacher heart!


  1. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make a teacher's heart sing. Love those good neighbors who come bearing gifts.

  2. It's so great to realize that someone is really listening and remembering, even if after you've walked away. What a great friend and story :)

  3. Oh I am humming the Brownie song too!! What a fun post...and so glad your class next door neighbor somehow found the kind of markers you eanted. Here comes that tune again!!! Jackie

  4. That's awesome. I love that your friend swooped in and saved the day :).

  5. Our teaching life can be so stressful. I totally related to the search for something that should be a supply staple but often isn't. It is a small joy that totally makes our day to find. What a wonderful buddy. How delightful that you made up a song for the occasion!

  6. It IS the little things in life that make the difference! :-)

  7. It's the little things that can make our days, right? Some days big good things happen... but as long as these little things keep coming we can keep going :)