Sunday, March 17, 2013

To sleep or not to sleep? SOL 2013: 17 of 31

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.  For the month of March we are challenging ourselves to write a slice every day. 

It's March Madness at my house.  I know I'm borrowing the term, but it perfectly describes my month.  It started with three friends visiting my son-in-law (who currently lives with us) for Emerald City Comicon.  The following week my son came home for three days of his spring break in the middle of my teaching week!  That weekend my daughter arrived home for the weekend before heading off to her next rotation.  Then it was on to report cards for 2nd trimester and our book club retreat this weekend.  Monday I have a presentation to our PAC (parent advisory committee), Thursday is a field trip (always fun, but so exhausting), and on the weekend we'll be spending time with dear friends in town for a wedding (we haven't seen them in many years).  The next Monday we'll be doing a Skype visit (my first) and then at the end of the month Spring Break starts.  Hallelujah!

All of these things are wonderful events, but added to my already busy schedule and our month of slicing, I think I should change the title of this post to "I Need More Time!"  I'm sad that I never have enough time to read and respond to all the posts that are waiting for me at Two Writing Teachers. I'm reduced to skimming the list and setting the timer. Otherwise, I find myself spending far too much time with my blogging friends.  This morning I returned from dropping hubby at the airport for an early flight determined to snag some much needed sleeping time before church (still dealing with book retreat sleep deficit) .  Instead I plopped down at the computer to do a few comments and today's slice.  Here I am two hours later!  Now it's time to get dressed and head for church.  But, my friends, it's been a delightful morning and so fun to indulge in a few extra moments with some of you.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Right there with you! This time of year is crazy busy! I haven't set the timer yet, but I really should, because I could spend hours at this slicing stuff. I went to church last night, but really need to get going and head to the grocery store. I'd much rather be slicing or reading other people's slices!

  2. A busy life is a meaningful life. You have mentioned so many people in your post that you are spending time with, helping, catching up with, sharing with and learning from. You are definitely due for a break - it will come.

  3. Crazy busy...but it's all good, happy stuff. "I need more time" is definitely my motto these days, too!

  4. I have been feeling busy, but after reading your post, I feel exhausted:)
    Good luck to you with everything and think of how nice spring break is going to be. I like your timer idea.

  5. I hope you got a nap this afternoon. You are living a busy period. Best luck for next week.