Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celebrating in the midst of great sorrow

Join us each Saturday for Celebrate this week with Ruth Ayres.  
 When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build.
A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

Amid the sorrow, we search for solace to questions that have no easy answers.  
Another school shooting, this one in the Northwest, leaves us yearning for 
safety for our young people.  My heart is heavy, as I celebrate and grieve with you this day.

1.  I stopped to savor the sunset last Saturday at Slater Park.

2.  My "children" turned 28 and 30.

Their birthdays are one day apart.  

3.  Janet Wong presented a poetry workshop to our 
sixth graders participating in the Poetry Box project.
Percy posed with her for this photo op.

4.  I'm bewitched by fall.  
And yes, every picture was taken in the past week.  
Remember, I just retired AND my husband is out of town. 
How will I ever pick just one for Carol's Finding Fall Gallery?

5.  Kathy, my sister-in-law, received good news after her surgery.  
I am grateful for this blessing and continue to pray for the  
comfort and healing of many others who are grieving and suffering.


  1. Beautiful post today Mom! I love all your pictures! Thanks for helping make my birthday wonderful!

  2. You do have a fall dilemma, those colors are awesome! How lucky to have Janet Wong do a poetry workshop! My prayers are with the families who were affected by this tragic shooting. When will this madness stop?

  3. You know I relish your pictures, Ramona, and am happy that you had a good time with Janet. Happy Birthday to your "kids", too. And I'm sorry about the shooting. Like the others (I hate to say the others), I am sad for all the parents. Our children shouldn't have to worry about such scary things. Hugs to you in your community.

  4. Bewitched by fall indeed. Just gorgeous! Happy "birth" day to you Mama.

  5. Beautiful post. Lovely "children" and fall pictures. Shows how important it is to preserve our moments in pictures. They are so beautiful and so fleeting. Lucky you to have Janet Wong in your midst!

  6. Ramona, your fall photos are stunning. I can see your dilemma. You know you could always send in two and I can place them side by side. I went out finding fall today with my husband and son. We had a great time walking and snapping photos that I hope to use in the days to come. Enjoy life and Fall!

  7. Ramona, I am blessed by your celebrations. It is often hard to find the grit to celebrate when there is so much loss in the world. I'm in awe by your fall photos.

  8. My heart broke yesterday to hear of another shooting. I love how you opened this post today. And you got to be in a workshop with Janet Wong, woohoo! So good that your SIL's surgery went well.

  9. You have truly beautiful pictures. And yes, such a tragedy. My mind can't even begin to make sense of it all and my heart just cries.