Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Celebrating Vivian's Arrival with Slater Park Friends

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One of my favorite visits to Slater Park was three months ago.   That's when I met my new friends, Bei and Li, sitting quietly on a bench also observing the dinner party on the beach. When I returned the following week to Slater Park with a friend, Bei and Li were there again.  They live near Slater Park (lucky folks), and were expecting their first child this fall! I loved talking with them about their impending journey to parenthood.

My stops at Slater Park now include a hope that I'll bump into Bei and Li.  Several weeks ago, I saw Li and her mom, just arrived from China, at the grocery story.  Still no baby, but the due date was the next week.  Later that week, I pulled out of Slater Park and noticed a couple walking down the street.  Maybe it was Bei and Li.  But she definitely should have had that baby by now, I thought.  When I pulled alongside them, Li turned, pointed to her belly and exclaimed, "41 weeks!"  I made sure they had my phone number and asked them to send me a picture when their precious little one arrived.

On Friday, September 19, I received this picture and text message: 
Vivian says hi~to Ramona  :)
Li and the baby are both doing well.  
- your neighbor Bei

I was so excited that I asked when I could come visit.  Two days later, Bei apologized for his late response with these words:  "It's really a new busy life."  Those words recalled our own plunge into parenthood almost thirty years ago when our lives changed forever with the arrival of Blake, our first child.  When we received news of possible E. coli in our community and a boil water advisory, I made sure to text my new friends, just in case they hadn't heard.

I was fearful that I had been way too forward when I asked to come meet Vivian.  So I made myself wait awhile.  And then Bei sent me a photo he snapped of a beautiful sunrise with the words, "Stop by if you have time."  That was enough encouragement for me.  So Sunday afternoon I sent off a quick text to see if it was okay to drop by and meet Vivian.  I probably stayed too long, but each moment was a delight.  I learned about the month of confinement, a Chinese tradition of caring for new moms.  I loved talking with Bei and Li about the miracle of this sweet daughter who just entered their lives, the surprise that she has (as they claim) a powerful middle of the night cry, and the anticipation of their first family outing to Slater Park when Li's month of confinement has ended.

We had to work hard to catch a
photo of Vivian with her eyes open.  

You can see why it's hard to believe that
this angel keeps her family awake at night!


  1. We are so glad to have you visit us.. and we loooove your gifts:) thanks Ramona!
    BTW, I just noticed that Vivian is growing bigger as her newborn diapers cannot fit her now...yea~~~ Vivian is the "grade II" diaper users now lol:)

  2. What a precious little girl. It sounds as if you are now part of the extended family. How wonderful! Congrats to all.

  3. Such a sweet baby! What a fun story you will have to tell Vivian of how you came into their lives.

  4. What a lovely post. How adorable Vivian is! Sp good that you got to visit and hold her.

  5. Oh, what a sweet baby! One forgets how tiny they are.

  6. Could she any cuter? Nope! What a lovely story to save these memories.

  7. Love hearing your story of the new friends and now the new baby! What a sweet looking baby she is.

  8. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. New life is so very beautiful.