Friday, October 31, 2014

Strolling down Halloween Lane!

Be sure to parade by Linda's blog at Teacher Dance for a taste of poetry love! 

I'm still submerged in poetry!  Tomorrow is our official send-off party for The Poetry Box, and then it travels to Utah.  Percy will be tucked inside perusing piles of poems.   We hope our friends in Utah enjoy him and the Poetry Box as much as we did.  

One of our favorite poetry anthologies when our children were young was Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young, and it's still in print!
"Skeleton Parade" by Jack Prelutsky was a favorite poem.  It was one of the first poems my daughter memorized.  I found it in this collection of Halloween poems, right below the poem, "Boo." 

Have an evening filled with delight and hopefully, a skeleton or two knocking at the door!


  1. Great poem, Ramona. I'm going to share with Ingrid, who is fascinated with skeletons. I've bought her more than one 'bone' book. So happy that the Poetry Box was a big success! Happy Halloween! No one knocking yet, but it's nearly dark, almost time!

  2. Perfect Halloween poem, Ramona - and happy travels to the Poetry Box!