Thursday, October 23, 2014

Percy pens a diamante!

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Percy's ready - he found the book that first linked him to Janet Wong, 
A suitcase of seaweed and other poems,
 in a bin of books I collected for the Poetry Box project.  
To his great surprise, this was the inscription on the inside front cover:  
"To the Kenmore library, 
A suitcase of dreams come true for you -
Janet Wong"  
Wow, tomorrow is a dream come true for Percy, a chance to meet his first poet in person!  
Even though Percy feels that he already knows Janet Wong through her poetry, 
he's over the top excited about her visit to IMS tomorrow.  

I'm almost ready - I found the two books I own by Janet Wong. 
They are bookmarked with favorite poems. 
  Perhaps Janet will autograph my books.  
I'm trying to finish this post and some other things on my list.  
I'm hoping I can sleep when I finally get to bed.  

Since Percy and I are in the same state of excitement, 
he offers up this synonym diamante for Poetry Friday:  

Exhilarated penguin
Flapping, waddling, anticipating, squawking,
Preening poet, jubilant ambassador
Baking, reading, blogging, flitting,
Elated human
Mrs. B.


  1. "Elated human" says it beautifully, Ramona. Have a terrific day!

  2. Your diamante has energy, Ramona. Have you found fall in photo and poem for the Finding Fall Gallery yet? Enjoy the season.

  3. Enjoy Percy, enjoy Ramona! Love the diamante - especially "jubilant ambassador". =)

  4. Preening this, Ramona!

  5. Percy: you were an outstanding ambassador--I enjoyed sharing in the jubilation with you, Ramona, and the 6th graders in our workshop!

  6. Ramona,
    I'm sure your author visit was a delight from start to finish. Love this, "Preening poet, jubilant ambassador."


  7. You really capture the excitement of being a penguin who is about to have a visit from Janet Wong :-)! Your word choices ("flapping," "squawking," "exhilarated," "jubilant") are excellent.

  8. I always love getting to put a face and an actual voice with author's writing voices. And how great that you and Percy are writing poetry! Hope you and your ambassador friend had a wonderful day!

  9. I am green with envy. Hope Percy and you have a fabulous day of writing. Funny, I have played with some diameters of late.

  10. Cool diamante! Hope you and Percy had a lot of fun with Janet. :)

  11. How fun is this? Thanks for sharing it, and I hope the visit was great!

  12. I love discovering forgotten autographs in my books! Ran across one from Molly Bang this week!