Saturday, December 27, 2014

Celebrate this Week!

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 When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
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                                    A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

1.  Responded to a Twitter message from Carol nudging me to participate in her Finding Fall Gallery - I have hundreds of fall photos, but had never settled down to pen a poem. Thanks for the brevity of haiku, a bit of inspiration, Carol's magic with words and images, and her willingness to work with this procrastinator, I was able to join the gallery at the midnight hour.  I love that my simple words pointed us to the Light of this season.  Be sure to stop by the Finding Fall Gallery to see this celebration of autumnal majesty.  Now it's time to start working on my contribution for Winter Whisperings!

2.  Survived my first Christmas with no kids home - Traveling to Utah and spending a few days with Blake, Stefi, and the Siddoway clan was a bright spot in my December.  Our children's nativity play on Christmas Eve afternoon made me think of all the youngsters I've watched participate in this yearly tradition at our church.  Lance made Grandma Wyrill's rolls, and I made our traditional cranberry salad for our Christmas Eve dinner.  FaceTime visits with both kids on Christmas Day helped to bridge the miles.  Then it was off to see "The Imitation Game."  I loved checking in with my siblings on Christmas Day (except for Velma who was celebrating her Christmas birthday with her boys).  We had a long chat the day after Christmas.  Ryan joined us for dinner, games, and laughter on Friday.  Today it's off to see a play with friends.

3.  Renewed my Choice Literacy membership - I've been trying to cut back on my "teaching" expenditures since I retired last June.  When it was time to renew my Choice Literacy membership last spring, I decided that it was one luxury that I could live without.  I still got the weekly newsletter with several free articles, but when my friend Christy Rush Levine's article was posted in the subscriber section, I yearned to be able to read it.  This morning, I gave myself a belated Christmas gift and yes, I read Christy's articles first.  


  1. I got caught up on reading your blog today. I do not look forward to a Christmas without my kids. You seem to be taking it in stride and still finding meaningful things to do. I'll call you when this day comes.
    Wasn't the Fall Gallery lovely? I loved seeing so many friends participating. What a wonderful gift from Carol.

  2. I know that Christmas without the kids it difficult. So thankful to create our own Christmas Eve event...first time without the family due to work and kid schedules. And the Fall Gallery was stunning.