Friday, December 12, 2014

Poetry Friday

Welcome to Poetry Friday, a weekly celebration for poets and poetry lovers.  Be sure to get your taste of poetry love today at These Four Corners, Paul Hankins' blog.  Thank you, Paul, for hosting this Friday's gathering.

Inspired by Amy's nativity poem and Mary Lee's haikus, 
I pen a haiku and share a picture of our  family nativity puzzle. 
Stationary watch
kept over this gift of light
hope for a dark world!


  1. I've had lots of thoughts this difficult week of world news/dark things, Ramona - thanks for the sweet lines of hope.

  2. It's a lovely thought, well said, Ramona. I hope too!

  3. Hi Ramona, I'm glad I stopped by to read your haiku about hope. Hope is helpful, isn't it? I was also inspired by Mary Lee this week.

  4. I love the phrase "gift of light." Such big truth in those three words! Thank you!

  5. How fun to get to see all the different Nativity sets keeping "stationary watch!" When I go home next week, I'll get out the one from my childhood and see what poem it inspires!

    1. Inspiration...I will photo the Nativity from my husband's family and write to it for next Friday.

  6. Hope in a dark world...yes, that is just what we need.

  7. Ramona, your poem is telling. We should monitor our focus on the light of the world.Thanks for sharing. My offering came late but it is on my blog now.

  8. We need so much more light. Thank you for this.