Saturday, April 25, 2015

Celebrate This Week!

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 When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build.
  A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

1.  Messages and pics from Sara!
Sara's in Baltimore helping out after Ann and Andrew's family grew to four.  We haven't carved out as much time to chat, but I've loved the pictures and yesterday's FaceTime chat with the birthday girl, a three year old propelled by birthday exuberance!  I celebrate a three year old who moves constantly,
and a one week old who seems to be sleeping a lot!

2.  An evening walk with a friend!
We used to walk together frequently.  Schedules and life get in the way,
but we carved out time to squeeze in a stroll at sunset.  

3.  Poetic pleasures!
Our Thursday afternoon book club prowled the pages of poetry books in search of poems to share with the school community.  Next week, we'll meet on both Monday and Tuesday so we can post poems around the school in preparation for celebrating "Poem in Your Pocket Day" on Thursday.  

4.  400 Posts!
Today marks my 400th post!  I'm still grateful to my students who encouraged me to go public with my posts during Slice of Life 2012.  I closed my eyes and plunged in.  I've continued to plod along faithfully, rewarded by reading your posts and continually being inspired by the writers who surround me.  


  1. Congratulations, certainly deserves a lot of confetti! Did your walk get that beautiful picture yesterday? It was awesome! Happy you had the face chat. Three year olds do not stop moving-agreed! Have a wonderful week coming, Ramona!

  2. Yay to 400! I just hit 600! What a wonderful blogging journey and meeting so many great people like you. I am wishing I had made some Poem in your Pocket Day plans. I need an idea that will work with small numbers of students (I only have 13) and not too overwhelming. Let me know if you have any.

  3. Wow, 400! Confetti indeed! Thank you for sharing the beautiful family. It's so good to have the technology to share :)

  4. Congrats on your 400th post! I am so glad that I have found your blog! What a beautiful family and one can't have a celebration without party hats...and confetti!

  5. 400 posts! Congratulations! Sounds pretty wonderful to be having chats with these lovely little people!

  6. A stroll at a sunset, babies and toddlers, poems - lovely celebrations. Joining throwing confetti to celebrate your 400th post!

  7. Your blogging journey is filled with happy images and reminders that our words keep memories intact. PS I love those baby images!