Friday, April 17, 2015

Poetry Friday: Expanding my Poetry Essentials

Robyn Hood Black is hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup
at Life at the Deckle Edge.  Be sure to stop by for a taste of poetry
love and check out her interview with Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell
in honor of their latest publication, The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations.

Several weeks ago Roger, owner of Island Books, asked me to create a list of poetry books for their April newsletter.  I think he wanted poetry picture books, but I ended up creating a list of favorite anthologies.  Anytime I get to blow the poetry horn, I want to include as many poets as possible.  Every home deserves several well loved anthologies.  I visited my own bookshelves and the bookshelves of my favorite libraries to pull favorite titles.  It wasn't long before I stopped by the bookstore with a bin of favorites (winnowed from the two bins in the trunk of my car).  Lori immediately reminded me that I was supposed to submit only FIVE titles.   After much consternation and with Lori's help, I winnowed the list to six titles.  One of the titles is a slim anthology One Big Rain:  Poems for Rainy Days.  Organized by the seasons, it's something you need in your home if you live in the Northwest.  I also included Firefly July, a lovely recent picture book anthology organized by seasons.  Drop by Myra's review at Gathering Books for a peek inside Firefly July.  You can see my original six choices at Ramona Behnke's Poetry Essentials.  

Today's post includes additional essential titles (according to yours truly).  Someday soon I'll merge the two lists and create a document to share.  What anthologies did I leave off the list that are well loved at your house?  

Knock at a Star:  A Child's Introduction to Poetry - by X. J. Kennedy and Dorothy M. Kennedy

Whistle and Shout:  Poems to Memorize - edited by Patrice Vecchione

Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle...And Other Modern Verse - compiled by Stephen Dunning, Edward Lueders, and Hugh Smith

The Tree That Time Built - selected by Mary Ann Hoberman and Linda Winston

Julie Andrews' Treasury For All Seasons:  Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year- selected by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, paintings by Marjorie Ariceman

A Family of Poems:  My Favorite Poetry for Children - selected by Caroline Kennedy

Forget-Me-Nots:  Poems to Learn by Heart - selected by Mary Ann Hoberman

The Beauty of the Beast:  Poems from the Animal Kingdom - selected by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Meilo So

Read Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young - selected by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Marc Brown

The Random House Book of Poetry for Children - selected by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Arnold Lobel

A Foot in the Mouth:  Poems to Speak, Sing, and Shout - selected by Paul B. Janeczko, illustrated by Chris Raschka

I plan to have future posts for other favorite titles:  picture book anthologies, picture books by individual poets, poetry books for adults, and poetry books for teachers.  And a post with links to favorite blogs of poets!  Hope you're enjoying this month of poetry (even though we share poetry love year round)!  


  1. Who could possibly narrow down such a task to five? ;0) Thanks for sharing this "expansion" - you've listed some wonderful books here. Happy Poetry Month, Ramona!

  2. I'm with you -- the more the merrier!