Friday, April 3, 2015

Poetry Friday

Today's Poetry Friday is hosted by the lovely Amy at The Poem Farm.  Funny how the words that we're surrounded by pop up in our thoughts and writing.  Today's haiku was inspired by Mary Lee's PO-EMotion "anticipation," but when I visited her blog today, I discovered that it also works with today's PO-EMotion, "surprise."

I watch with sadness as pink blossoms float to the deck.  And then I notice something. Sorry for the shaky photos (not telling how many pics I took to finally capture one of the pink blossoms falling).

Tiny pink blossoms
Drifting languorously down
Tender green arrives

Every season brings change,
something to anticipate,
something to embrace,
something to notice.


  1. This is so true - and poetry helps us to find "something to embrace" every time. Your poem makes me think of X.J. Kennedy's poem "Blow-up." I love living somewhere with four seasons, and so anticipate our own pink blossoms...after snow says goodbye. Happy Poetry Friday! xo, a.

  2. I love poems about nature. The in-between season is fraught with longing, with good-bye and hello. That snow is melting, and spring is peeking up over the edge of the brown grass. :-)

  3. Wonderful that you 'caught' that blossom, Ramona, such a spring-like motion. Instead of falling leaves, blossoms drifting. Lovely poem for the moment.

  4. I love the changing of the seasons, but I prefer two over the others. I am a summer and fall person, but I embrace, anticipate, and notice al four.

  5. We don't have blooming trees just yet -- still looking forward to petals "drifting languorously down."

  6. I love the 'tender green' bit - you've captured the fragile nature of spring's beginnings. :)

  7. The cherry blossom tree in our yard hasn't bloomed yet. I love reading all the Poetry Friday posts and seeing the variety of weather -- the piles of snow here, the tender green there -- so much noticing!