Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poetry Friday

Laura Purdie Salas is hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup
at Writing the World for Kids.  Be sure to stop by for a taste of poetry
love and check out her month long series of Poetry Tips for Teachers.   

Why I Didn't Write this Post during the Time I Planned to Do It

Daughter says you can bring your laptop and write in the waiting room
during my extended doctor's appointment.  I bring  my laptop, and offer
to check out the public library for her (this may be her future community).
Get lost on the way to the library, not so good at following that google voice.
Scrounge through box of books in trunk of car trying to determine which books
can be returned so I can squeeze in a few more poetry books into the bins for next week's
book club adventure with poetry.  Take photos of titles I want to recheck in the future.
Ask patron to explain automated return system to me, and return books.
Stop by paperback books displayed as eye candy in the front lobby.
Stop in children's 811 & 821 sections.  Move on to the adult 811 and 821 stacks.
Get lost in the pleasures of prowling the shelves.
Uh oh!  Text from daughter:  finished with the doctor, two more stops and I'll be ready.
Oh no!  Does that mean it's time from me to pick you up?
Not yet, just giving you an update.  Are you writing your post or exploring books?
Exploring poetry books.
Of course!  (accompanied by smiley face and stack of books)
She knows her mama too well!
Frantic push to read two or three more shelves looking for gems I love,
Check out my box of books, hustle to the car, drive back to doctor's office
(without getting lost this time), but also without time to write a poetry post!
Scratch out my post just before bed, it may be Saturday on the east coast,
but it's still Friday in the northwest, and yes, it's raining.  Reminder to self:
A library offers far too many distractions to be a good writing place for me.


  1. Get lost in the pleasures of prowling the shelves. What a great line, Ramona! Keep prowling!! (and writing!) xo

  2. I missed this yesterday. Prowling around the library is too much fun for me to sit down to write. This is a pleasure to read, imagining you scurrying from lovely book to lovely book. I'm glad you put the post off; this is fun!

  3. Ramona, did you realize you linked to in Mr. Linky instead of this post here? This is hysterical! I can write almost anywhere (and do). But you're so right. A library offers way too many delicious temptations. I do much better work in doctors' office waiting rooms, auto mechanics' waiting rooms, etc. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Laura, I can't figure out how to delete the incorrect link. So should I link up again with the correct one? Not sure how I managed that!