Friday, April 24, 2015

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Family

The bloggers at Spiritual Journey Thursday are            
writing about family this week.  
  Thanks to Holly Mueller for hosting
this group each Thursday. 

Even though I'm a day late, I'm linking up with my friends at Spiritual Journey Thursday with a poem and a pic.  Holly shared her reflections as her family grows to embrace a new son.  I share a short poem that notes the many ways we stay connected as a family.  Our photo was taken in August 2013 at Sara's graduation.   We are looking forward to Christmas 2015 when we will ALL be together again.  

Notes, letters, stories
Tender points of connection
FaceTime, Instagram, messages
Link us lovingly together
Until the next time
We meet to hug and talk

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  1. I LOVE the family picture! Isn't it wonderful all the ways we can stay connected in this technological age? Technology gets a bad rap sometimes, but the way it helps us communicate from afar is a blessing!