Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem - Day 6

I'm not sure what madness possessed me to respond affirmatively to a certain poet who messaged me on Twitter about joining the progressive poem this year.  I follow the poem each April, fascinated by the spell cast and the journey taken.  I love dabbling in words and had our girl with the bare browned arms striding along the edge of the water until Charles threw me a curveball . . . the indigo varnished handbag and Grandmother's oval cuffed bracelet . . .

She lives without a net, walking along the alluvium deposits of the delta.
Shoes swing over her shoulder, on her bare feet stick jeweled flecks of dark mica.
Hands faster than fish swing at the ends of bare brown arms. Her hair flows,
snows in wild wind as she digs in the indigo varnished handbag,
pulls out her grandmother’s oval cuffed bracelet,
strokes the turquoise stones, and steps through the curved doorway.

Catherine, I can't wait to see where those bare feet with jeweled flecks of dark mica are headed . . .

Join us for this month of poetic wandering
day by day, line by line . . .

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  1. Wow, Ramona, you've taken a turn here I didn't imagine, and opened many other possibilities. Love the 'stroking of turquoise stones'. Hm-m, I wonder what or who is inside?

  2. Hmmm, indeed! The mystery continues! Thank you, Ramona, for bringing your brave poet-self into this poem. xo

  3. Turquoise! This so matches the woman in my mind here. What is she thinking? I am excited to see her make this move into....what? The imagery in these always gets me... xo

  4. Ramona! So many possibilities...her feet can still be bare, the only thing she carries that handbag. The curved doorway could be a building but also a circus tent or even an arched opening into a thicket of bushes. Now we're getting someone, somehow, someWHERE. Nice one.

    1. Or it could be a curved doorway into an earthen dwelling and she could still be walking along the water . . . I can't wait to see where she goes.

  5. Ramona, you are more than up to the challenge! How wonderful - turquoise stones (with their intrinsic mystic/healing power) and a CURVED doorway!

    Well, I've just caught up now after getting behind, so my anticipation will have to wait another actual day to see where we're going... Thanks for chiming in this year!

  6. Great addition. Love the doorway and the turquoise,

  7. I love "stroking the turquoise stones" can't wait to see where we go next.

  8. Way to be brave Ramona! My turn is coming so I know just how you felt. Turquoise is perfect for this woman. Love what you added.

  9. I'm loving the turquoise!!! Nice line, Ramona! On to see what comes next!