Saturday, March 12, 2016

SOLC 2016 12/31: Saturday Race Day!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, Beth, and Anna
for hosting this meeting place each Tuesday
and for nurturing our writing lives.

Join us each weekend for Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres. 
When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy. 
Discover. Play. Build.
  A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember

A short slice of me at my favorite race:
I awake at 4 am, grab my computer, and head for the starting gate.  I see that only five friends have arrived before me, so I have time to engage in my favorite warm-up.  I visit each of them and converse briefly.  
Uh-oh, one more friend at the starting gate, so I take the time for a quick chat.   Now it's time for me to officially check in at the starting gate with my own celebrations: 

Will's birthday celebration that also included moving furniture 
We (actually Lance and Will) switched out the highboy and the desk.  But Sara and I directed them and chose the perfect spots for the furniture in each bedroom.

A week of mostly rain that included
a few peek-a-boo appearances of Mr. Sun

The arrival of spring 
Sara's tulip tree
Ducks at Ellis Pond paired off by twos
My camellia

Off to grab a quick nap before my first commitment of the day.  Remember, I reported to the starting gate (Celebrate this Week) at 4 am.  FYI:  two (make that three) more friends have now checked in at the starting gate.  


  1. You are too funny. I was wondering if you were up extra early because of the comment you made to me. Sounds like a nice week, and a super Saturday.

  2. You are so funny, I was picturing a horse race, perhaps? This is a race where everyone wins and the conversation is always fun. I'm sure you and Sara were great at directing those doing the heavy lifting.

  3. I got the same picture in my mind as Elsie. Is the race over yet Ramona. Starting time was too early so have a good rest. Enjoy the day!

  4. What a fun slice! I had to read it twice! Happy racing and writing!

  5. This was fun to read, Ramona - at first I was expecting to read about horses, but you were off and running with creatures of a different sort - writers! Beautiful pictures, too.

  6. Here I thought you took up running! This is a fun slice. You beat me out of the starting gate though. I started at 5:30 and ran 13.1 miles through the streets of DC. More about that tomorrow. You and I need to get some rest!

  7. Horse races? or Does she like NASCAR? I wondered. Maybe it's an out of town trip to get there. Clever to take us on such a chase.

  8. Your starting gate is much too early for me! Fun slice.

  9. I was picturing a running race, but you had me guessing. Fun slice. :)

  10. Clever. I pictured you sitting in a noisy and dusty race track. You took me to a writing race instead. I like that it is a slow race and we can show up when we can.

  11. I'm happy to let you and your friends win that race - like Leigh Anne, that's way too early for me! Ha.