Thursday, March 24, 2016

SOLC 2016 24/31: Remembering Shine Songs!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, Beth, and Anna
for hosting this meeting place each day in March
and for nurturing our writing lives.
Even though I haven't been writing with
Holly Mueller's Spiritual Journey Thursday group
this year, Holly's post about Doraine's OLW, shine,
convinced me that today's slice had found me!

I loved Holly's post that chronicled the places in her home where the sun shines.  My thoughts immediately turned to songs I recalled with the word shine in them.

The first one that popped into my head was "You Are My Sunshine."  This was Blake's favorite song when he was little, probably because I sang it to him so frequently.  If my memory serves me right, he even had a stuffed animal that played the song when you wound the key.

Then I recalled the song "Shine On, Harvest Moon."  I recall hearing it often in my childhood, perhaps because of the farmer ancestors in my family.  When I looked up the lyrics, I was surprised to see that I only knew a few of the words of this song.

Years of singing time at church led to my next remembered song, "I've got a little candlelight and I'm going to let it shine."  I remember how much fun it was to "put it under a bushel" (hand over the candlelight), shout out the word, "No" and follow with the affirmative words, "I'm going to let it shine."  And the final verse, "All around this big, wide world, I'm going to let it shine (repeated three times), all the time, all the time, all the time."

What shine songs do you remember?  As I reflect on the conditions and challenges of our world, I'm grateful for these friends of faith whose words shine each week at Spiritual Journey Thursday.


  1. I thought of the Beatles, Good Day Sunshine. Loved the candle hiding under the basket too. No sun shining in our part of the country today.

  2. Thank you for your shine-song reminders. Songs speak to me along my spiritual journey. It was good to remember those! God bless you; thanks!

  3. My mother used to sing You are My Sunshine to me. And I sang it to my kids, too. Good songs, all.

  4. I had each one your songs playing in my head. Thanks for sharing your memory!

  5. I love the association of childhood songs with the word shine, Ramona. It shines a new light on living.

  6. Judy Collins sings "I have a little light" song every New Year's Eve at the Concert for Peace, that's my favorite shine song.