Tuesday, March 10, 2020

SOL 10/31: Playing with Books!

Returning for year nine of writing daily in March with my Slice of Life writer friends! Check out Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life occurring every day in March.
When I went to daughter's house to celebrate son-in-law's birthday, I brought back a box of library books.  I always take a bag of books when I babysit. It's the first thing Jack asks when I arrive, "Grandma, did you bring some books?" We even have a special book bag dedicated for this purpose.

Yesterday I lugged the very full box of books inside so I could record some of my favorites in my book journal before returning them to the library. As I looked at titles and began pulling some out of the box, the inevitable occurred. I found myself playing with the books to create book spine poetry. 

Most marshmallows
hug this book,
play hide-and-seek,
plant a kiss!

 What a wonderful world -
the construction crew,
this old van,
race car dreams!

When the snow falls,
winter is here!
Good morning, snowplow
my winter city.  

Maybe I'll share my favorites from the box for a future slice. (Some of my favorites didn't make the book spine poetry and some that ended up in the poems weren't my favorites.)


  1. Oh how I love this... your slice and your tradition with your grandson. Your poems are so fun and I am thinking about a lesson I can do with students when we return from spring break. Also thinking about traditions to create with my someday grandchildren. Thank you for this!

  2. I love book spine poetry and will definitely devote a slice to it. And I can't think of a more wonderful question than "Grandma did you bring some books?" Of COURSE you did!!

  3. Ramona, Little Jack is lucky to have such a loving Grandma who encourages lifelong reading. Your book spine poetry is full of fun. I wonder If Jack heard the poem and made comments on the books you chose.

  4. I love spine poetry! I have a stack of book that I might just use for my Slice later. My favorite poem of yours was the winter one.

  5. Oh book spine poetry is such a good idea and those titles have worked so well, will look forward to your favourites, I do know a few of the ones listed above. A fun slice.

  6. Oh this is great fun! I love the book list as well. I was just thinking I needed to hit the library for my little one. We have been through our books multiple times a day. Time for a new pile if not for him for me. I know your grand crew are older than mine but would love any advise on good books for little ones. We have been reading Night Animals and now the new one Night Animal Need Sleep too. You might enjoy them - take a look!

  7. Fabulous poems! First one is my favourite. Isn't it great that your grandsons associate books with you? I hope to become a book grandma one day.

  8. Thanks for the reminder for this great idea. Who doesn’t love books!

  9. I was at PD today, and I won a collection of multicultural books. They are in the trunk of my car to go to school tomorrow. Silly me, I’ve got to bring them in to the house tonight so I can find poems with them!

    1. Loved your poem, filled with titles I want to read.

  10. I'm always in awe of people who can do one of these. And you managed to do three! And they actually even make sense! Wow,, wow, wow!