Tuesday, March 17, 2020

SOL 17/31: Sometimes the best-laid-plans . . .

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It was a beautiful, blue sky day so I planned to spend my time at the dealership outside, taking a walk, away from people while my car was being worked on today, but sometimes the best-laid-plans . . .

So I  disinfected the table top, seated myself an appropriate physical distance away from the nearest customer and decided I could use the time to comment on blog posts. I reached into my bag, but my computer wasn't there. Sometimes the best-laid-plans . . . 

I started a new book, but only read two pages. I felt fidgety. I checked emails on my phone, watched the two well-behaved kiddos who were out of school, and thought about how this young mom would fare with two kids home while also tending to two part-time jobs (I had eavesdropped while she chatted with someone else).  I was finding it hard to focus on the things that usually keep me occupied while my car is being serviced. Sometimes the best-laid-plans . . . 

I decided that just because we had to put physical distance between us didn't mean that we couldn't have a conversation. I asked the mom if her school was doing connected learning and she replied that the school was trying to figure things out. They were concerned about equity for students who might not have computer access. I mentioned the padlet that I created and the padlet my teacher friend created for her elementary-aged kids. And I got an email address so I could send the links to this young mom. We continued to chat, and I discovered that sometimes the best-laid-plans can lead to the best story of the day.

While chatting with another customer a few minutes ago and wondering why she looked so familiar, the young mom discovered that the customer works at the Great Clips in a nearby community where the young mom takes her son for haircuts. She mentioned that they had hoped to get her daughter's bangs trimmed before more restrictions were placed on us due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The customer replied, "I have my scissors in my purse." 

And that's how a young girl got an impromptu free trim to her bangs in the bathroom of the Toyota showroom. And that's how my heart was warmed by the generous impulse of a stranger. And that's how a walk deferred led me in a roundabout way to this story.


  1. I hope we will continue to hear countless stories of kindness and giving during these historic times. Thank you for sharing your resources on Padlet, too. (Your friend's Padlet link wasn't working though) Your slice made my day!

    1. It works on my end. Oh the mysteries of technology!

  2. It stories like these that warm that heart even from a distance!

  3. It is these moment of kindness in a worrisome time that make me know we will be ok. Out of all this darkness always come love. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

  4. What a lovely, feel-good story that was not expected, Ramona. Random Acts of Kindness are needed in times like these!

  5. Ah hah, that socializing is good for us. At least as health giving as a stroll.

  6. So good to hear kindness stories. We need to keep hearing them! Are you listening news / media?

  7. How cool is it that someone got an impromptu haircut?

    Your ending was perfect to this post.

  8. What a great story! Sometimes one thing really does lead to another....

  9. I missed this in March! Glad you linked it today. I live the haircut story especially!