Saturday, March 14, 2020

SOL 14/31: My Mad Dash!

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I looked at my watch and determined that I might have just enough time to make it. 

I peeled out of my comfy PJs (yep, still in PJs at 5:40) and slapped on a pair of sweats and a shirt. 

I reached in my pocket, no keys! I decided there wasn't enough time to search for them, so I grabbed the spare from the drawer and dashed out the door. 

No traffic until I reached the top of the hill where I had to wait for folks coming home from work before I could turn right. Then left, another right, then left again, then right into the parking lot.

With ten minutes to spare, I marched into the building . . .

And I walked out four minutes before closing time! Mission accomplished!

A serious closing time because these are the words I saw on our library site at 5:40 pm today: "Effective at 6pm today, Friday, March 13, the King County Library System (KCLS) will close all library locations to the public. These closures will remain in effect until at least April 13, or further notice, to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)."

Actually, my daughter mentioned this closure to me yesterday, but somehow I had forgotten. While I have plenty of books at home, there were a few books on the holds shelf at the library that I might want to read during the next month. And that's the reason I made a mad dash to the library, my only foray outside the house today. (FYI: I also spent 2 1/2 hours on hold with the airlines before I chatted with a real person to cancel two upcoming trips and finished a book for my virtual book club that meets with two friends who moved away.)

 Motivation for today's mad dash:
Hill Women - a recommendation from Linda Baie, fellow book lover and blogger
indistractable - I've had a long wait for this title
Dasher - still picking up Christmas titles that I requested in December (nothing like a bit of Christmas cheer to break up the Coronavirus doldrums)
The Least Cricket of Evening - not sure how I came by this one, but it's a book of essays
The Girl with Seven Names - our book club pick for April

All books are checked out until April 30th and any books currently checked out are automatically moved to this due date. The thought of the library being closed fills me with sadness.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you made it! The thought of libraries being closed fills me with sadness too because you know there are others who didn't make it. Enjoy your reads. Stay healthy.

  2. I got that email about library closings this morning. It took my breath away,not in a good way. While I read most books, for me, on my Kindle these days, I need/want/have to have those kids books in my hands!

  3. We all seem to be in the midst of some mad dash around here...we also made sure that the library was on our list. I love your book list!

  4. Glad you got the books for the days ahead. It was a shock the library bring closed. That hadn’t crossed my mind until it was announced.

  5. I am happy that you made it to the library. I had a thought of going but it closed before I took action. I am so glad I bought 4 books last Friday.

  6. Hahaha! We're thinking alike here! I've just been putting a bunch of stuff on hold to collect on Monday but just discovered that tomorrow is their last day open! It's an hour's drive for me to get to the library but I might have to go tomorrow after all!

  7. I checked the status of my holds at my local library this morning. 3 more are on their way, and I hope they arrive before any closing takes place! But, if needed I too will make that mad dash!

  8. Glad you got your books! This reminded me of my family's ritual every summer before leaving for vacation: we'd stop at the library as we headed out of town. Everyone would pile up on books and stow them in the trunk and then we were off to wherever for two weeks of fun in the sun and lots of reading! Wishing you and yours well during this strange and unsettling time!

  9. Oh, I didn't think about the library closing. That just gave me a bit of a sense of panic! Oh my goodness... I love that you dashed to the library though. That's something that I definitely would do!

  10. Looks like you are all set for the next month! I need to get to the library tomorrow, because our libraries are closing on Monday. But first I have to find a book that I lost during the CYBILS. Sigh....