Saturday, March 28, 2020

SOL 28/31: Three New Learnings, One Wish, and One Celebration!

Returning for year nine of writing daily in March with my Slice of Life writer friends! Check out Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life occurring every day in March.

Three new learnings, one wish and one celebration for this week:

1. I learned that I need to make a "to do list" daily, even if it takes me three days to finish it. When I feel scattered and at loose ends, looking at the list helps me focus. Sometimes I even add something I just did so I can cross it off the list.

2.  I learned that given the choice, I'd rather talk than text. I'm of a certain generation that grew up talking on the telephone. If I realize that a friend and I are texting each other at the same time, I'll call. I like hearing voices!

3.  I learned how to use Zoom for Story Time with the grandsons. It's easy to hold the book up to the computer screen and no one has to hold the phone to film. It does require the librarian's skill of reading a book while holding it in front of an audience, or in this case, the computer screen.
(I also learned how to use conferences in Schoology in preparation for gathering our middle school book club next week.)

4. I wish that I could figure out the titles on the bookshelves behind people when they film/work from home. Anyone else more interested in what's on the bookshelf instead of the person speaking?

5. I celebrate making a box of nine chocolates (in a 3 inch square box) last for fifteen days!
My last in-store visit to the bookstore was on Friday, March 14th. It's amazing what you can do when you're sheltering in place and your chocolates are numbered. I don't dare check to see if the bookstore has any in stock because even though their brick and mortar store is shuttered, they're still making local deliveries and I always want don't need chocolates.  


  1. Love the idea of completing something and crossing it off the list - even if it wasn’t on the list to begin with! Like you, feeling scattered is becoming the new norm. Thanks for helping me feel less alone! -Lanny

  2. I love that it took you three days to write a list - ha! That one snippet encapsulates the strangeness of the time we are living in. I love the idea of zoom for story time! Yay! I have been reading to my preschool class, recording videos - a colleague pointed out to me that I could set the phone in selfie mode and prop it against something. This simple wisdom has set me free! Ha!

  3. I'm so glad you're able to use Zoom for story time! And YES, I am so busy looking at people's bookshelves, I can barely pay attention to what they are saying. In my own office, my chair is in the corner facing the room so that I can see all my books myself! Oh, chocolates.... I might have to bend the book buying rules to get some extra chocolate!

  4. I shamefully look in the background of pictures. I am feel like I am trespassing or window-peeping or something illegal! I love how you have find a way to still read to your little guys!

  5. Awesome celebration. You have to teach me how to help the chocolate last. We have eaten all we had. Yes, the bookshelf fascination distraction is a real thing.

  6. So many of these struck home for me. I'm really needing a schedule of specific things to do every day. For the last two weeks, the list has been pretty much the same, but this week, I have a million new things to get ready to do remote learning, and I need a list, so I can cross things off! And I am admiring your restraint with the chocolates! If I had a box like that, it would have been gone in a day, maybe two, WW points be darned! And I love that your are doing Zoom stories! Perfect!