Saturday, March 7, 2020

SOL 7/31: Woolgathering

Returning for year nine of writing daily in March with my Slice of Life writer friends! Check out Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life occurring every day in March.

I've been awake for an hour and still haven't started my post. But what delightful words have littered my playground!
  • Carol introduced me to a new-to-me poem "A City Sunset" by a new-to-me poet, Thomas Ernest Hulme. And then I read about Thomas Ernest Hulme at The Poetry Foundation. Maybe he's not new-to-me. Maybe I studied him in college and have just forgotten. But I discovered a new poem, "Autumn" (my favorite season), to add to my notebook pages.
  • Jone's post gave me serious conference and session envy! How I wish I could have been in that session with her, Janet Wong, Sylvia Vardell, and Susan Blackaby (Susan's book Nest, Nook, and Cranny was a favorite to use with my sixth graders.) I couldn't find the comment button, so I left my comment on Jone's post from the day before. I'm also green with envy each time I see Jone's notebook pages! Stop now and click on the link to see her notebook page and read her poem which includes this delicious phrase: "between bites, poetry spills
    onto plates"
  • Finally, I fell into a rabbit hole with Susan. As I reflected on that little piece of wool that inspired her post, I decided to share my woolgathering from my early morning play at Poetry Friday.  
And so I won't be writing the post I intended for today. I hope you've enjoyed my woolgathering that shows how I easily I can be distracted, entertained, and enthralled by my blogger friends.  

And now I simply must face the day and try to get to the grocery store before it gets too full of the masses of humanity and their germs. Can you tell that I'm in Washington state? Trying hard to stay isolated from most people since I'm in the "at risk" age group for Coronavirus.


  1. I have yet to start my day because I'm distracted by these posts. I suppose it depends on what one considers a start of the day, or the beginning of writing. Your distractedness lead you to your writing. It's all a process.

  2. I know the feeling of reading and then thoughts traveling from other people's words. I am easily distracted too.

  3. Reading slices takes us so many places... I easily spend time reading...and reading, and then have the shock of seeing how much time has passed!

  4. The time just flies when I reading and commenting on posts. And that doesn't even collecting ideas!

  5. Don't even want to think about how much time I spend in March wandering around the internet and reading people's slices. Sounds like you found some great ones!