Thursday, March 5, 2020

SOL 5/31 & SJT: Balance

Returning for year nine of writing daily in March with my Slice of Life writer friends! Check out Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life occurring every day in March.

It's the first Thursday of the month and time 
to show up with our friends for Spiritual Journey Thursday. 
Fran at Lit Bits and Pieces is hosting this month
and selected balanes as our theme.

When I heard that Fran was hosting our SJT gathering this month, I knew it would be unique. She's one of those bloggers that I can rely on to slow me down and make me think. And she did not disappoint with her post today.

When I learned that we would be writing in March about balance, I had to chuckle. Because March with its 31 days of writing slices can somehow feel unbalanced. And my family struggles to understand my commitment to writing daily and commenting and wishes I could be as committed to other projects. I do too! 

So back to balance and the spiritual journey. The first thing that popped into my head was this scripture from Luke 2:52, "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man." This scripture with its emphasis on four areas of growth - intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social - reminds me that living a balanced life is one that fosters growth in each of these areas.  

And finally, back to Fran's post about balance and the equinox. I'm not a science person, but I'm trusting Fran when she tells me that there's more day than night in the equinox. "The assurance that there’s still good working in the world, undoing harm" are words that reassure me as I lean toward the light (my OLW for 2020) in an ongoing effort to balance my life and move my heart in the right direction.


  1. How perfect is it that light is your OLW? There are countless reasons why it is important! For the record, I never thought of myself as a science person, either, until I began writing regularly and discovered how much nature speaks to me, on such deep levels ... I see messages in it all the time. You’re right about the challenge being unbalancing - it is!! But it’s conversely a means of balancing our spirits ... that Scripture that came to mind is the very model of growth, and your reflection on it absolutely true. Thank you for all of your words, Ramona, and for your heart.

  2. We should all write about balance during this March challenge. Every time the word pops up, we would at least try to get up and stretch.

  3. Thanks, Ramona. It turns out that SJT posted on balance last March also... the topic seems to fit this time of year. I appreciate your words about the verse, they brought new meaning to it for me. Cheers...

    1. I noticed that balance was our theme last year too and was tempted to link to last year's post.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Ramona. I think that balance is so important (and so hard to achieve). I also really admire your OLW is light; it sounds so fitting.

  5. We move our hearts in the right direction each month when we grapple with a SJT topic, Ramona. Your journey continues with great quotes to lead you to the light. Thank you for pointing out the four areas of growth, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social, and living a balanced life is one that fosters growth in each of these areas. Best of luck on your journey. I bet your grandboys are keeping you balanced and cheerful.