Tuesday, March 31, 2020

SOL 31/31: Slicing Nine Ways

Returning for year nine of writing daily in March with my Slice of Life writer friends! Check out Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life occurring every day in March. In honor of my ninth year of slicing, I conclude the month with lists of nine. 

9 topics I wrote about this month (in order of their prevalence): 
Slices about Slicing
Roots Tech
Books (includes favorite post, If you wake up at 5 to write...)
Poetry Friday
Parties (son-in-law's birthday and Spring Fling) 
My Writer's Notebooks
Spiritual Journey Thursday 

9 old faces I know & love to read ("old" as in familiar):
Joanne, Words from JL 
Terje, Just for a month
Deb, Coffee with Chloe
Carol, Carol's Corner
Carol, Beyond Literacy Link
Leigh Anne, A Day in the Life
Diane, newtreemom
Margaret Simon, Reflections on the Teche
Anita, Learning to Be Writers and Readers in the 21st Century

9 more bloggers I love to read:
Fran, Lit Bits and Pieces
Elisabeth, The Dirigible Plum
Glenda, Evolving English Teacher
Paula Bourke, litcoachlady
Pam, Stopping by English Class on a Random Day
Lisa, Literacy on the Mind
Trina, Trinarrative
Girl Griot (Stacie), if you want kin, you must plant kin
Amanda, Persistence and Pedagogy 
(and many, many more!) 

9 voices I miss (and if you see a comment, it's because I emailed  the ones I have email addresses for):
Ruth Ayres
Linda Baie
Tara Smith
LeAnn Carpenter (elsie)
Bonnie, (Digital Bonnie)
b, Live, Write, Teach
Amy Warntz
Michele Haseltine
Catherine Flynn,  (penned one of my all-time favorite slices last year, 13 Ways to Eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie

9 trigger words that make me stop scrolling and click on the link:
libraries, bookstores, books
grandkids, sixth graders, poetry
cats, cookies, chocolate,
9 lines borrowed from 2018 (Okay, it was originally ten lines, but I am the author and can revise as needed):

"Day 31 has arrived! 
I celebrate 
the beautiful writing
of my slicer friends, 
the delightful connections
we make as we share our lives, 
and the growth we experience
from this month of writing together 
for 31 days!

An enormous thank you to the team at TWT who host our efforts each year. A request for next year: Please, please, please! Could you provide us with a linkable spread sheet of blogger names and their blogs? I like to return the favor when someone comments on my blog, but I spend far too much time looking for people whose names do not link to their blogs. 

One more request, I'm looking for the blogger who encouraged us to write about this unprecedented time. She showed us pictures from her journal that included snippets and visuals from newspaper articles. I would really love to find her blog again! 

See you next week!


  1. Dear Ramona,
    You matter, and I am grateful you are still writing. Yesterday, Kim, elsie, Christy and I were talking about blogging and the way we miss "old" voices. I was thinking about you and how comforting it is to know you keep stacking stories in this space. It matters a great deal to me. As I wrote this week in the Big Fresh, "predictability brings peace." You, my friend, always give me a great deal of peace.
    Love & hugs,

    1. Lucky me to have started my slicing journey with you. You've mentored me along this path and your words continue to inspire me. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love all the lists. So much in common! Voices we love, voices we miss, topics that draw us in... the growth we share. So glad for this community where we met!

    1. I can't tell you how blessed I am for my slicer friends, especially as we've weathered the past month together. Next Tuesday seems too far away. I hope you'll consider joining our Spiritual Journey First Thursday group. I'll send you an email with the theme.

  3. This is wonderful! Your lists are fun, and so meaningful. Your blog is one which I love reading, so I'm always happy when I come across it! (You're right: it's hard sometimes, amongst 200 blog posts on the daily call for slicing, to find certain ones.) Thanks for sharing! :-) ~JudyK

    1. Judy, thanks for stopping by. I enjoy reading your words and am headed over to leave some words at your poem for Day 31. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. What a great way to end, Ramona, with an archive! I was thinking as I read how you are always sharing useful things to help us grow ... things I wouldn't think of like the list of search times that will make you click on a link. And GREAT IDEA about the list of bloggers, so that we can get to each other more easily to respond if their names don't redirect to their blog. That would help those slicers get more comments, too. You really help us branch out ... speaking of which, your nine line ten line poem (lol) of celebration looks like a tree to me. A perfect symbol for how we grow together and branch our and support each other, even drawing our nourishment in the same way ... thank you for everything, Ramona.

    1. Fran, I love the tree symbolism you pointed out. "Leaf" it to you to make the lovely tree connections. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Thank you for the email and the link to this post. I treasure your friendship more than you know.

    1. And thanks for your pictures on FB. They're a day brightener each time I see them.

  6. How sweet of you to include me on this list! I miss slicing, but work has been too hectic lately (even with being home; online teaching isn't for the faint of heart!) and I didn't feel I had the time and energy to put by best effort into writing and commenting every day. Maybe next year! Hope you and all your family are well and stay safe during these scary times.

    1. I totally understand why some aren't able to participate, but I still miss them. Stay safe and healthy and ready to help students in these unusual, unprecedented times. I can't imagine the challenge of online teaching. I keep reminding friends to give grace to teachers, none of us know the way forward. We just have to figure it out step by step.

  7. Ramona, your ending post was wonderful and clever. Thanks for adding me to your nine. I loved sharing posts with everyone this season. We followed the same route most of the time. I agree about the list of bloggers and their blogs. I had a difficult time finding some of the people who commented also.

  8. I am honored to be considered an old friend! I remembered reading this post, but forgot to leave a comment. I truly miss those old friends as well. They (and you included) were the ones who got me started.