Friday, March 31, 2023

31/31: The Best Day

Welcome to the best day of the challenge! For the past several years, I have enjoyed looking at my slices and determining categories for my writing. Some years I list a post in more than one category, but this year I forced myself to drill down to the most important category for each slice. I was surprised that  poetry had the most slices. With no further ado, here's the breakdown for this year's slices.

8 poetry posts: 3 haiku, 2 free verse, 2 book spine, 1 tricube

5 book posts (several  of the poems were about books)

4 grandchildren posts (one of the poems was about grandchildren)

3 posts that focus on slicers and comments: 

    Spotlighting 11 returning slicers on Day 11

    Spotlighting 13 new slicers on Day 13

    Stopping at just 3 comments on Day 16

3 posts about words

2 kitchen slices

2 memoir writing group posts

1 post about friends

1 post about mugs

1 "Since Last March" post for Day 1

1 "The Best Day" post for Day 31


Two posts with no comments, 

when I wrote this post, now have comments.

Thanks, fellow slicers. That's the kind of community we have.

SOL 21/31: Glimpses of Grandson Sunshine! Thanks, Debbie Lynn! 

SOL 29/31: A Gallimaufrey of Morning Activities - Thanks, Diane


The only book I purchased during March Slice of Life

I requested many books from the library that fellow slicers recommended/mentioned/authored, but I only purchased one. Trina casually mentioned Linda Rief's book at the end of her post: Day 16/31: Rambling Autobiography.

I love Linda Reif and I love poetry, so I knew that I couldn't go wrong with this book. I'm planning to explore it during Poetry Month (and probably beyond) for my Poetry Friday posts. Hats off to slicers who will post poetry every day during April! I can't keep up, but I will try to read and comment as often as I can.


I had trouble commenting on some blogger's posts this year. Did anyone else have this same problem? Someone mentioned using Jetpak which I didn't sign up for or utilize. Does this make commenting easier? 

As a long-time slicer, I have familiar friends and enjoy long term friendships with many of you. That said, I try to focus on getting around to newer bloggers too. I still remember the power of the first comment I ever received on my blog from Ruth Ayres. I scanned through my first year of slicing and found comments from bloggers (twelve years ago) that I still slice with: Girl Griot (Stacie), Stacey Shubitz, Deb Day, and Anita Ferrari. I've made many friends though this blogging community. You are too numerous to mention by name, but you know who you are. I hope I left a trail of words on your blog to let you know that I came by and listened to your stories.

If you're new to slicing, never forget the power and importance of commenting. It's how the relationships are built. They stand the test of time and fuel our commitment to writing and improving this craft. I hope to see you during the year for Tuesday Slice of Life. I'm hoping to be there more often this coming year. Who knows? I might even show up next March for year thirteen! It's because of other slicer friends that I'm still here.
This is my twelfth year to write a slice of life each day during the month of March.  Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this challenge and providing the space and support for us year after year. And thanks to this magnificent community for sharing stories with me and encouraging my writing life.


  1. What a cool idea to look over your posts for the month and categorize them and see what you've done the most of. I never thought of this as the best day, and yet there is joy in the completion of a full 31 days of writing. I found Rambling Autobiography from a post last year and have used it in writing workshops. It's a great prompt. I'll have to check out Linda Rief's new book.

  2. Commenting has been full of frustrations… on many blogs so many “hoops to jump through “ it gets to be time consuming… even after filling in info and checking for it to be saved, you still have to do it over and over. Some days I gave up on comments on certain platforms. Frustrations aside… love the back and forth of comments.
    Diane Anderson

  3. This is a second slice with a statistical summary of posts. I haven't done the statistics but I am pretty certain that several posts included my living room sofa and a cup of tea. Visiting your blog is a joy. I appreciate all the comments you have left for me. They matter.

  4. Oh, thank you fo the reminder to buy Linda Rief's book--especially necessary now that I've suddenly decided to write poetry every day in April. I love seeing the stats from the month, and think I want to try to categorize my posts next year. (You know that cats will be one category for sure!). I had trouble leaving comments on certain blogs as well. A few I was eventually able to figure out, but I had to abandon commenting on a couple altogether, which made me sad. I hate for people not to get comments! Hope to see you for Year 13 (for you) and Year 9 (for me)!

  5. It is such a great idea to analyse your posts. I'm not sure mine fall into enough categories! Thanks for dropping by some of my slices and I agree I try to comment on a few each day, but sometimes it just doesn't happen, but the comments are important as you say.