Thursday, March 30, 2023

SOL 30/31: Tricube Poem

Springtime Dance


Tender green

Blue sky day

Joy beckons.

Yellow heads

Nod in time

Breezy wave.


Purple face

Crocus calls

Welcomes spring.

- Ramona Behnke

Early in the month, I checked to see if I would mark a significant number of blot posts during March. The closest I could come was post number one thousand, three hundred thirty-three on March 30th. 


Last week I commented on Cathy's poem, Come Out and Enjoy the Day. Then I scrolled through some of her other poetry on her blog, Poeturescapes. When I read "Softly Still," her beautiful tricube poem, I knew that I had found the perfect vehicle to mark my 1, 333rd blog post  - 1 poem, with 3 stanzas, 3 lines in each stanza and 3 syllables in each line!

This is my twelfth year to write a slice of life each day during the month of March.  Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this challenge and providing the space and support for us year after year. And thanks to this magnificent community for sharing stories with me and encouraging my writing life.


  1. I have never heard of this poetry form. How clever to mark you 1,333 blog post this way! Love the poems and the photos too. They make me long for spring. Spring much arrive earlier where you live. It was 28 degrees when I got up today.

    1. Yes, I'm glad that spring generally arrives early. We had a low of 40 today with a high of 53. Played outside with the grands. Hope for warmer weather for you soon.

  2. I love how you are celebrating such an accomplishment! Great little stanzas and beautiful pictures too.

  3. Your attention to numbers and patterns always awes me, Ramona. This is a perfect tribute to writing progress and the glories of nature - the tricube's simplicity is the perfect frame for the glories of nature. I know that simple verse is not always simple to compose, but yours flows so well, like nature's little rhapsodies of spring. Gorgeous photos - they make me want to write praises, too!

  4. Short poems, but so sweet! Joy beckons. breezy waves… those speak to me! And the photos!!
    Diane Anderson