Wednesday, March 22, 2023

SOL 22/31: I Did It!

New learning beckons

Just signed up to learn to strum

Ukulele fun!

This is my twelfth year to write a slice of life each day during the month of March.  Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this challenge and providing the space and support for us year after year. And thanks to this magnificent community for sharing stories with me and encouraging my writing.


  1. Have fun! Heid (Wordsmithing blog)

  2. A haiku and a rhyme! Love it! Good luck learning the ukelele - Leah Koch

  3. Your excitement comes through in your words. Have fun learning something new.

  4. Whaaaat! Ramona, I cannot wait to hear how this goes! What a buoyant haiku!

  5. How exciting! And how wise to find something new to learn, since learning new things can bring us so much joy.